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Cleaning and descaling your Nespresso® machine

Is your Nespresso® machine not making the same rich coffee it used to? You’re probably due for a good cleaning session! Cleaning and descaling your Nespresso® machine is key to ensuring that you keep enjoying those perfect cup of espressos, cappuccinos or macchiatos. Whether you already own an espresso machine or are just considering buying one, stay tuned as we share our tips and tricks here on how to clean it right – because nothing beats having a perfectly sparkling coffee maker like new!

Why should you clean your Nespresso® machine ?

If you own a Nespresso® machine and you want to get the longest possible service out of it, you absolutely must make sure that you’re regularly descaling your nespresso machine. Indeed, as our colleague Anne-So never tires of telling us: “Limescale is a coffee machine’s worst enemy!” And the same goes for capsule-based machines. But why does limescale appear in the first place? The offending substance is actually present in the tap water that we use for our coffee. As the water is heated, the limescale gradually separates from the water and deposits form on your machine’s pipes. This build-up reduces the extraction pressure produced by the machine and can cause premature wear on the pump. This is why it’s important to regularly descale your machine – roughly every 2-3 months, depending on the hardness of your local tap water.

How to descale your Nespresso® machine ?

First of all, before starting this operation, you need to know that it will take about 30 minutes to descale your Nespresso® capsule machine proprely. Here are the steps to follow to descale your coffee machine:

How to descale your coffee machine?

capsules nespresso

Empty all the containers (capsules and water catchers).

fill the tank

Fill the tank with 3/4 water and 1/4 descaler.


Turn on your Nespresso® machine. Press the 2 buttons (small and large cup) simultaneously for 3 seconds. Put a container and press the “large cup” button. In this container, let the entire capacity of the water tank flow.


Repeat the operation a second time.


Rinse the water tank with clear water and start a clear water cycle twice by pressing the “large cup” button.

cleaning your nespresso machine

Finally, press simultaneously on the 2 buttons of your capsule machine to exit the descaling menu.

What you need for cleaning and descaling your Nespresso Machine ?

In order to correctly descale your machine, you will need to get your hands on certain specific products:

  • a descaler, to remove the limescale from the pipes
  • clean water, used for rinsing
  • a cleaning capsule, to clean the brewing unit

You can either opt for a full kit that provides the cleaning capsule and descaler, or simply purchase a dedicated descaler for Nespresso® machines or a universal descaler (for all other brands of machines). The choice of cleaning options for your machine is quite wide so there is no excuse!

Descaling your capsule machine with white vinegar: good idea or terrible mistake?

From personal experience, having dealt with plenty of different machines, we do not advise you to descale your Nespresso® machine (whether it be an Inissia, Citiz or Essenza model) with white vinegar. The reason for this is very simple: white vinegar contains acetic acid, which over time can attack the pipes contained within your machine’s internal mechanisms and potentially cause leaks.

Our recommendations to descale your Nespresso® machine 

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Krups détartrant

Cleaning Product – Descaler for Nespresso® Inissia – Krups

With this product, you will be able to easily descale thanks to the pre-dosed sachets, adapted to your Krups machine.

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détartrage machine café

Descaler – Universal bio – Durgol (500ml)

Suitable for kettles and coffee machines

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Solute capsules nettoyantes Nespresso

Cleaning capsules for Nespresso® Machines – Solute

Deep-clean your capsule machine and remove all coffee residues and bacteria with this product.

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Cleaning the brew unit, the bonus step to ensure a long life for your machine

Once the descaling is complete, you will also need to clean the brewing unit. Why? Because after every extraction, oils and particles of coffee get left behind and stick to the group head. This risks adversely affecting the taste of your coffee. The cleaning capsule contains a detergent agent that, on contact with water, is transformed into an active mousse. This mousse spreads throughout your Nespresso® capsule machine’s group head, giving it a deep clean, killing bacteria and dislodging any particles that have become encrusted on the machine. We strongly encourage you to clean your machine, just like this, every 2-3 weeks.

With all this in mind, there’s absolutely no excuse not to clean up your act – and your precious Nespresso® capsule machine! to ensure that it continues serving a richly fragrant coffee every day for many years to come! Find all our cleaning products for your coffee machine on our website ! And once your machine is sparkling, how about treating yourself to some coffee?!

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