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idee cadeau noel noel feerique noel bleu

How to make Christmas magical?

In the enchanted atmosphere of a fairytale Christmas, spicy flavours and aromas warm the hearts of all; the decorations, with their sparkling blue and gold, create a memorable moment for your guests. Creating a magical Christmas at home has never been easier, thanks to our tips! Find out how to prepare for a magical Christmas, from the menu to the decorations, including all our gift ideas.

A magical Christmas at home

A fairytale Christmas is all about sparkling decorations and spicy scents. Find out how to create a luminous decoration filled with stars and bluish tones for your tree and table, which will radiate a warm, fairytale glow in the winter darkness.

Decorating your tree for a magical Christmas 

Choosing the right tree decoration is a crucial step in creating a magical atmosphere in your home. 

What colours should you choose for a magical Christmas tree? 

Choose a gold and blue decoration to bring a burst of light into your home and create a magical atmosphere.

What decorations can I use to give my Christmas tree a magical feel?

You can also add glitter to give the impression of sparkling snow, adding a touch of enchantment to every corner of the room. Finally, with a shiny star at the top, your tree will illuminate the room with a celestial glow. 

A carefully chosen Christmas decoration will immerse your loved ones and guests in a magical atmosphere.

noel feerique noel bleu idee cadeau noel

Preparing your fairytale Christmas table 

idée cadeau noël décoration table de noel feerique

For a magical Christmas, choose table decorations that reflect this mood to create an enchanting atmosphere.

idée cadeau noël décoration de noel feerique

Place a magnificent floral arrangement and candles in the centre of the table, for example. These can be placed among fir branches to create a soft, magical glow.

idée cadeau noël décoration de noel feerique table de noel

To create a magical Christmas table, add a few touches of gold to evoke the magic of the season and a touch of warmth. 

idée cadeau noël décoration table de noel feerique

When it comes to table linen, a deep blue tablecloth will evoke the starry skies of a wintry night for your guests. What’s more, this soothing colour will create a calm atmosphere at this festive time of year. 

idée cadeau noël décoration de noel feerique épices

It’s also the perfect setting for the enchanting aroma of spice-based dishes that will awaken your guests’ senses. The result of decorating your table will create a truly enchanted atmosphere.

Our menu ideas for a magical Christmas

The Christmas festivities are the perfect time to create magical dishes with the flavours of Christmas spices. Meat glazed with spices, pan-fried scallops or, for a vegetarian dish, courgettes stuffed with spiced mushrooms and butternut fries are particularly evoking .

For dessert, try a homemade gingerbread, flavoured with a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Serve it in slices or in a festive shape using cookie cutters, to create gingerbread stars for example. 

If you want to decorate your sweets with icing or edible sprinkles, opt for Christmas spice biscuits: cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. 

These spices are the heart of your menu, as you can use them in all your dishes, sweet or savoury. 

To accompany these sweet treats with a hot drink, the Chaï latte is the ideal beverage for tea lovers. Made with black tea and spices, this gourmet alternative is easy to prepare at home. 

For a caffeine-fuelled recipe, a Pumpkin spice latte will put you in the Christmas mood with its pumpkin syrup and spices.

How do you make a gingerbread latte, the magical Christmas recipe?

The gingerbread latte is a soothing hot drink. Made with coffee beans, vanilla, milk and ginger, it will add a spicy flavour to your festive celebrations.

Our gift ideas for a magical Christmas 

It’s not always easy to find gift ideas for all the members of your family. Forget your traditional gifts and consider our gift ideas for a magical Christmas.

SuperKop Espresso maker – Black

Discover the SUPERKOP, a single-lever espresso machine that’s easy to use and made from durable, robust materials. A modern, elegant design for the perfect espresso. Operating without electricity, experience a new way of brewing espressos! The Superkop also reached the TIME Magazine 200 Best Inventions of 2023, so needless to say  it is the perfect gift for coffee nerds!

Available now
superkop black

Lever-operated espresso Maker – Superkop – Black

– Moulded aluminum body with wooden base
– Easy to use and maintain
– In the list of the best inventions of 2023 (Time Magazine)

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Monin Syrup

It’s not always easy to find an inexpensive gift idea that’s sure to please, but Monin gingerbread syrup is the gift that’s sure to please all gourmets

Use it in all your coffee and chocolate preparations and drinks, as well as in frappe recipes.

Available now
pain epices sirop

Syrup – Gingerbread – Monin (1 L)

– For hot chocolate, coffee and hot drinks
– Glass bottle
– Gourmet taste

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Forte Perléo Espresso coffee beans

Christmas is the perfect time to discover new coffees. Discover Perléo Espresso Forte coffee beans, the ideal blend for your coffee recipes. 

Its dark Italian roast gives you powerful, intense aromas of toast and wild herbs, which compliments your Christmas recipes. 

Available now
Café en grains - Forte - Perleo espresso

Coffee beans – Forte – Perleo Espresso (250g)

– Rich & sweet and woody aroma
– Roasted in Italy
– Arabica and Robusta blend

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Monty Milk cappuccino cup

For an original, designer gift, the Monty Milk cappuccino mug is the perfect choice. 

Along with its modern style, its shape allows all the cups to be stacked together and it’s made from double-walled ceramic, so it won’t burn.

Available now

Mug – Monty Milk – Fellow (19 cl)

-Double wall ceramic. Allows you to stack it with the other mugs in the collection

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Christmas in Beijing Dammann Frères

Finally, if you prefer to give tea as a gift, the Dammann Frères “Noël à Pékin” mini box of 6 crystal tea bags is the perfect option. 

This black tea with fruity notes of passion fruit, mango and pineapple is perfect for the Christmas season. 

Available now
the dammann

Tea – Noël à Pékin – Dammann Frères (6 bags)

– Type: black tea
– Notes: passion fruit, mango and pineapple
– Packaging: box of 6 sachets

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The TO DO list so you don’t forget anything at Christmas

The decorations, presents and menu for your magical Christmas party are all ready. 

Before you start enjoying the festive season, here’s a list of the last steps you need to take to prepare for an unforgettable magical Christmas:

noel invites

Remember to invite all your guests

noel voeux

Prepare greetings cards for them and for your loved ones

to do list

Write down your gift ideas for each of your guests

menu d

Think about your table and your menu for a magical Christmas table

noel budget

Set your shopping and decoration budget

achats de noel

Buy everything you need to immerse your guests in your magical Christmas

playlist de noel

Create your Christmas playlist to get your guests in the mood.

Preparing a magical Christmas requires a touch of magic and enchantment in every detail. The spicy fragrance of the festive menu and the golden and blue glow of the decorations will foster a unique atmosphere. From the glittering table to the tasty recipes, each element will offer special moments with your guests to create a memorable Christmas celebration.

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