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Descaling the Tassimo coffee machine : a step-by-step guide

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You are the proud owner of a Bosch Tassimo coffee machine ? Lucky you! By now, you have discovered the immense pleasure that making delicious hot drinks with your pods can bring.  You likely want to keep your machine running for as long as possible to continue to enjoy all the aromas of your coffee. To preserve your Tassimo coffee machine, it is essential to maintain it properly and descale it regularly. So, how do you go about descaling a Tassimo coffee machine?

Why is Descaling a Tassimo Coffee Machine important? 

how to descale tassimo coffee machine As with all capsule coffee machines, good maintenance is essential to ensure consistent coffee quality over time. Little by little, the water you use to make your coffee will leave limescale deposits that can impact the performance of your coffee maker. To prevent limescale build-up, it is important to descale your coffee maker regularly. 

How to Descale a Tassimo Coffee Machine

how to descale a tassimo coffee machine

Here are the accessories you’ll need when descaling a Tassimo coffee machine.

Descaling tablets

Use a descaling tablet or universal descaler, available from the MaxiCoffee website. We recommend avoiding using white vinegar, which can damage your machine’s seals. Your Tassimo capsule machine will eventually stop working, and this issue won’t be covered by the warranty.

A Tassimo cleaning T-disc 

On the side of your machine, you will find an accessory called a maintenance T-disc. This can be inserted into your machine instead of a pod. There are 2 types of T-discs, and it’s important to distinguish them.  Luckily enough, they are easy to tell apart. The orange maintenance disc is for the TAS 55 range of machines. The yellow descaling disc is for all other models.

A water container


You’ll also need a 50 cl container and water. 

The Tassimo descaling process


Remove the water tank and fill it to the level indicated by the spray marking.


Add 2 descaling tablets to the tank and wait for them to dissolve completely.


Then insert the tank back into the machine and switch it on.


Open the percolation chamber and place the T-disc in place of a pod, barcode side down.


Close the lid and place a 50 cl container on the cup holder. You may need to remove the drip tray for it to fit.


Hold down the Start/Stop button until the automatic descaling cycle starts. The water will then flow until the tank is empty. When the orange light comes on, the descaling cycle is complete.


Clean the water tank to remove any remaining residue, fill it with clean water and refit it.


Press the large cup button until the tank is empty.


Repeat the rinsing operation three times. This will take about 30 minutes.


Remove the T-disc.

How often should I descale my Tassimo Coffee Machine​​?

So you now know all the steps you need to maintain your Tassimo machine. But how often do you need to do this? Well, it is generally recommended that you descale your Tassimo Coffee Machine​​ every 2 to 3 months. However, this frequency depends mainly on the hardness of the water you use to make your coffee.  Water hardness varies from region to region. To find out how hard your water is, you can simply use test strips specially designed for this purpose. The good news is that Tassimo coffee machines are equipped with a system that automatically detects the level of limescale buildup.  You no longer have to worry about it. Your coffee maker will tell you automatically when it’s time to descale, by activating the “calc” indicator light.

Our Top Pick of Descalers for Tassimo Coffee Machines

Bosch Tassimo Descaling tablets – 4 x 18 g

These are the official Tassimo descaling tablets. They are both ideal and essential for descaling your Tassimo and will help extend the life of your capsule machine.  Note that automatic descaling is activated with the T-disc. The box of Tassimo descaling tablets contains four 18g tablets (for 2 to 4 descaling cycles).

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Cleaning Product – Descaling Tablets (4x18g) – Tassimo

– For 2 to 4 descaling cycles
– Tassimo compatible
– Bonus: economical format

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For more top picks and Tassimo cleaning products, check out our full range here.

The Tassimo filter cartridge prevents limescale build-up 

If you use tap water to fill your coffee machine’s reservoir, you need a filter cartridge. 

Why install a filter cartridge on your Tassimo ? 

  • It will help maintain your water neutral and won’t alter the aromas of your coffee.

Your coffee is made up of over 98% water. So if you extract it with water that tastes of chlorine, you will miss out on all the flavours of your coffee. 

  • The cartridge has a filtering capacity that removes a large proportion of the limescale, protecting your capsule machine. 

Without it, the water pipe could become blocked. Your machine will start to leak and this will be irreversible, requiring you to buy a new machine.

How do I install the filter cartridge on a Tassimo machine ?

You can install the cartridge when you first use your machine. The manufacturer may supply the cartridge, but it is advisable to buy one when you purchase your coffee maker.  Installing it is simple : before switching on your machine, fill the water tank and immerse the cartridge with the cap facing downwards, so that the air it contains can escape. Once the last little bubble has come out, you can turn the cartridge over and install it in the slot at the bottom of the water tank. With no more effort than that, your cartridge is ready to filter your water!  If, during the first rinse, the water does not flow and the machine struggles to circulate water, this means that the cartridge is not correctly installed or that there is still air inside. It is advisable to check that the cartridge is correctly inserted and humidified.

When should I change the filter cartridge in my Tassimo?

You should change the cartridge regularly, every two and a half months or so. This is because the cartridge is in contact with the water, which can encourage the growth of bacteria and mould if not changed frequently. How can you be sure? Most automatic machines give a signal when the cartridge needs changing. If this is not the case with your model, you can write down the month you installed it on the top of your cartridges. This will make it easier to check how much time is left each time you fill the water tank.

Now you know all about descaling your Tassimo coffee machine correctly. We can’t stress enough how essential it is to look after your coffee maker to keep it running smoothly! If you’re looking for your next set of pods, we’ve got you covered. Time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee from your newly cleaned machine.

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