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Cafetiere coffee Pylano with brewed coffee

How to Make Cafetière Coffee

10 min.
Very easy
2 pers.

How do I use a cafetière? What is the best way to make cafetière coffee? Here are all the questions you might have about this type of coffee maker. Our experts share their best tips with you.

What is a Cafetière?

The cafetière (also known as French Press) was patented by the Italian company Caliman in 1933. Generally made of glass (the Bodum brand spearheaded this type of coffee maker) and metal, this coffee maker has a piston at its centre with a perforated metal disc at the bottom to act as a filter. After placing the ground coffee (the coffee must be coarsely ground for this type of coffee maker) at the bottom of the cafetière, the simmering water is poured in and left to stand for about two to four minutes. When pressure is applied, the filter sinks to the bottom, separating the coffee (liquid) from the coffee grounds. It should be noted that this type of coffee maker is preferred by coffee roasters to taste the coffees they are selecting. Indeed, with a cafetière, you can brew any type of coffee. So whether you are a light roast or a darker roast aficionado, you will be able to get exactly what you need with your cafetière!

Instructions to Make Cafetière Coffee

french press


Fill with ground coffee: 7 to 10 grams per cup.


Pour in hot water (do not exceed 82°C).


Place the plunger on top of the cafetière. Turn the lid to close the spout opening and brew for 4-6 minutes.


Apply light pressure to the top of the button to push the plunger into the container.


Turn the lid to open the spout and pour the coffee.


Pour and enjoy your cafetière coffee!

You now know how to make cafetière coffee. To see more models, discover all our cafetières on our site.

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