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How to Make Filter Coffee

10 min.
Very easy
4 pers.

We’ve already covered How to make coffee with a French press, now let’s look at how to make great filter coffee using the different options available.

How to brew great filter coffee using an electric filter coffee maker

coffee machine


Place your filter paper in the filter and rinse it (quickly) with clean water.


Add around 7.5g of coffee per cup (for a 10-15 cup coffee maker, allow for around 75g).


Pour over around 12.5cl of water per cup (for a 10-15 cup cafetière, allow for around 125cl).


Turn the machine on and let the coffee drip.



How to brew great filter coffee using a manual coffee maker (dripper / pour-over)

chemex tutorial


Place your filter paper in the filter area, rinse it with clean water and empty your receptacle.


Add around 7.5g of coffee per cup.


Heat around 12.5cl of water per cup to between 86°c and 90°c.


Pour around 60-80g of water evenly over your coffee, in a circular motion. This is the pre-infusion stage.


Wait for 30 seconds, allowing your coffee to let off any gases and inflate.


Pour over the rest of the water, using the same circular motion. Make sure that the total infusion time does not exceed 4 minutes!


Leave the coffee to cool for 2 minutes before tasting!

To make the perfect cup of coffee with a pour-over cafetière or dripper, think about buying a set of scales and a timer. For any form of slow coffee, it’s always crucial to get the right ratios between water volume, amount of coffee and infusion time. If you leave your coffee to infuse for over 4 minutes, your coffee will be too bitter: if your coffee takes too long to drip, try using a coarser grind. On the other hand, if your coffee is ready in under 3 minutes, it will not have had the time to properly infuse and may taste too weak. If that’s the case for you, think about grinding your coffee more finely! Over to you!

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