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What are the benefits of coffee?

Regular coffee consumption is sometimes blamed for its negative effects on sleep or anxiety. However, whether you’re a morning drinker or a fan of the afternoon coffee break, your daily coffee hides many benefits. So why is coffee good for you?  

Coffee and caffeine

benefits of coffee

Caffeine is a molecule found mainly in coffee beans. But, caffeine is also found in other drinks such as tea, chocolate, cola and energy drinks. However, coffee remains the most caffeine-rich drink in the world. Its effects are felt 30 minutes after absorption, and last from 4 to 6 hours depending on the individual. But be careful not to exceed a dose of 400 mg per day. Try to avoid an excess of caffeine in the body.

Coffee is a natural stimulant

Caffeine, present in coffee, allows to provoke a peak of energy by blocking adenosine in the brain, a chemical messenger that decreases the activity of neurons. This is why it is the most popular natural stimulant in the world with as much as 80% of the population consuming it.

Coffee improves brain capacity

Coffee, with caffeine, helps to maintain the brain, as it is a stimulant of the central nervous system, which improves reaction time, memory and all cognitive functions.

Caffeine even stimulates mental capacities in a general way

Indeed, caffeine is good for memory since it stimulates the hippocampus, the area of the brain that promotes learning and memory. Moreover, some studies point to a regular consumption of coffee would even have long-term effects like protective effects against cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Finally, caffeine has a favorable impact on headaches due to stress thanks to its dilating effect on cerebral vessels and relieves the muscles of the skull.

Coffee improves sports performance

One of the virtues of coffee on your physique is the improvement of your sports performance. Coffee is a stimulant that keeps you alert and therefore stimulates the body. In addition, regular consumption of coffee allows the body to produce adrenaline. It is particularly beneficial for endurance activities or intermittent intense efforts. It is its caffeine content that allows for the appearance of an energy boost and stimulates reflexes and alertness, then leads to a reduction in the impression of tiredness. In addition, according to some nutritionists, caffeine increases muscle contraction, improves fiber solicitation and stimulates oxygen absorption. A consumption just before a session is particularly beneficial. The reason? The increase in the level of adrenaline.


what are the benefits of coffee

Contrary to what you might think, coffee contains not only caffeine, but also a high concentration of antioxidants and many nutrients, such as carbohydrates and fiber. It even contains minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. Among the micronutrients present in coffee, we find for example magnesium.

Coffee is an antioxidant

This comes from natural antioxidants like caffeic acid. These antioxidants are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-viral properties. Coffee is even the main source of antioxidants in our diet. Note that you can also get this benefit with decaffeinated coffee.


benefits of coffee : reducing the risk of depression

One of the less known effects of coffee, but not the least, is the stimulation of the neuromediators of well-being: serotonin and dopamine, the pleasure hormone. These hormones help reduce negative emotions and even depression. In addition, its ability to improve concentration leads to relaxation without drowsiness, which puts you in a good mood as soon as you have your morning coffee. Coffee also affects your mood through the famous office coffee break. This social ritual, which many people could not do without, serves to boost energy and productivity, but above all to create social links. Moreover, thanks to the feeling of well-being provoked by caffeine, professional exchanges are more efficient around a coffee. Coffee is an important motivational tool in companies. Finally, coffee can be used in some cosmetics and other beauty practices that can improve your mood by taking care of your body. One of the best known effects of coffee grounds in cosmetics is its ability to reduce cellulite and dead cells when combined with oil. It is a very good natural and inexpensive scrub. You can also use this mixture to make a mask and improve your skin. But many other uses exist.


Drinking coffee would reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents, because it contains many biologically active compounds that have the benefit of reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Caffeine also has a direct impact on blood sugar levels and therefore on people with type 2 diabetes. These positive effects on the development of diabetes are possible thanks to its content of antioxidants, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. Finally, benefits of coffee for digestive health. Caffeine increases the secretion of saliva, which favors the production of digestive enzymes and consequently favors intestinal transit. No reason to refuse a coffee at the end of a meal! Moreover, regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of developing chronic liver disease and, consequently, liver cancer.


coffee healthy food

Coffee is a beverage that naturally contains no sugar and therefore no calories. But that’s not its only effect on body weight. According to some research, coffee is a natural fat burner. It is for this reason that we find caffeine in many “slimming” food supplements. However, we advise you to avoid pure caffeine capsules or powders that do not contain the beneficial minerals and antioxidants found in coffee. Also, always make sure to consume caffeine and coffee as part of a balanced diet. Finally, caffeine facilitates the process of thermogenesis, meaning the production of heat by the body. It therefore helps to maintain the body at an ideal temperature for the elimination of fat by increasing energy expenditure. However, this loss is minimal and should not be substituted for a healthy and varied diet.


Coffee is full of benefits, and drinking it will bring you many benefits, but you must avoid excess. We advise you to drink 3 cups of coffee per day to feel the effects without overdoing it. Drinking this beverage daily will provide many health benefits of drinking coffee. A natural stimulant, coffee is also rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. It also reduces the risk of depression and disease. Finally, it can have positive effects on your physical health. But you still need to know how to consume it… With or without sugar?

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