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best way to store coffee

Coffee storage, what is the best way to store coffee beans or ground coffee?

We often get asked about how to best store coffee beans or ground coffee at home. Should coffee go in the fridge? Can I freeze my coffee? What is the best container to keep my coffee fresh? It’s time we posted a little article about the subject to hopefully help you see clearer!

Coffee storage: the basics

coffee storage

Before I give you some tips, here are the basics you should know about coffee. Coffee doesn’t like extreme temperatures, humidity, air and light. It means that you must protect your coffee from these 4 factors if you want a lovely-tasting cup of coffee!

It is best to look for coffee beans packaged in a sealed bag fitted with a freshness valve. Freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide. If they are sealed in a normal packet, the coffee beans will keep on releasing CO2 and the packet could eventually rupture. The freshness valve allows CO2 to escape but doesn’t let oxygen in. It is also a guarantee of freshly roasted coffee

Ground coffee is harder to preserve because it loses quality much faster than coffee beans each time it comes in contact with air. If you are not a big every day coffee drinker, it is best to buy your ground coffee in small quantities (packs of 250g or less). Better still, invest in a little coffee grinder and grind your coffee beans on demand for a fresh, flavoursome cup of coffee every time!      

When coffee beans are roasted, they will keep for about 2 months but, beyond that, their organoleptic qualities will start deteriorating. Ground coffee will keep for about 4 weeks maximum. This is of course only valid if both are kept in the right container, in the right place.

And so, let’s dive into that subject straight away!

Finding the right storage container to keep my coffee fresh

Coffee is a ‘living creature’ that keeps changing, as soon as you open the packet, gradually losing its aromas and other qualities. As we have just discussed, your coffee need to be protected from air, light, humidity and extreme temperatures.  The first, simple solution is to keep coffee in its original packaging providing the bag is perfectly sealed after used and stored in a dark cupboard. But the best way to keep your coffee is to opt for airtight containers that will protect against smells and moisture. To kill two birds with one stone, pick an opaque storage container so the light does not degrade the coffee beans or ground coffee. Here is a selection of coffee storage containers you may want to consider for your coffee beans or your ground coffee.  

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How to store coffee beans ?

how to store coffee beans

Whether it’s high heat, low temperatures, humidity or light, coffee beans have their own principles of preservation. We explain everything.

Why not put your coffee beans in the fridge or freezer?

Roasted coffee beans need to be stored as well as possible to preserve all their aromas. You need to follow certain rules to ensure that it reveals all its subtleties. This automatically includes the way in which it is stored. Refrigerators and freezers don’t always work well with coffee. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid them:

  • The cold will freeze the oils in the coffee, which will then have much less aroma;
  • Coffee in the freezer will age more quickly once taken out;
  • The fridge will create condensation inside the packet.

Of course, refrigeration and freezing will slow down the rancidity and oxidation of coffee, but they will also alter the organoleptic parameters and destroy certain aromas. So it’s vital to store your coffee beans properly.

Our solutions for preserving the taste of your coffee

To keep your coffee at its best, here’s what to avoid:

  • Light
  • Damp
  • High temperatures
  • Oxygen
  • Extreme dryness.

That’s why we advise you to use conservation tins.

Tins or airtight containers: the magic solution

For optimum conservation of your coffee beans, we recommend that as soon as you open your packet of coffee, you place the beans in a vacuum-packed conservation box or an airtight container. This way, your coffee will retain all its original flavour for two months.

More specifically, black vacuum-packed tins. Glass or transparent plastic tins should be avoided, as the coffee must be protected from light. The Cafés Lugat tins, for example, have been specially designed for storing coffee.

Thanks to the vacuum system and the dyeing of the can, your coffee will remain protected from light and humidity. Say goodbye to oxidation!

After two months, however, the beans will start to lose their aroma. That’s why you should opt for smaller packets of coffee, if you don’t drink large quantities. That way, you’ll always have fresh coffee.


how to store ground coffee Ground coffee is harder to store: it loses its aroma much more quickly. Like coffee beans, it also hates extreme temperatures, humidity and light. Avoid leaving it in the open air. The most effective way to keep your coffee fresh is to grind it ‘on demand‘, using a coffee grinder: this will guarantee fresh coffee in every cup. Don’t have a coffee grinder? Don’t worry, we recommend that, as with coffee beans, as soon as you open the packet, you place all the ground coffee in a storage tin, like the one from Cafés Lugat. Leave it at room temperature, away from light, and that’s it. The cupboard is the ideal place to store large or small quantities of coffee.

Coffee is a living material that is constantly changing. It can easily be compared to wine. As soon as you open a bottle of wine, you have to drink it quickly to enjoy all its aromas, or risk losing all its subtleties. It’s the same with coffee! And now you’ll know everything there is to know about how to best store coffee.  

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