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How to spend a cosy Christmas ?

When we think about spending a cosy Christmas at home, we usually dream of a peaceful home, with soothing shades of white, beige and wood creating a perfect harmony. Explore this world where the fireplace spreads a comforting warmth and discover how to prepare a cosy Christmas, from the menu to the decorations, including all our DIY gift ideas.

A Cosy Christmas at Home

Christmas is the perfect time of year to feel cosy at home, so with a relaxing decoration; all in neutral tones of beige, white and wood, you won’t want to go out in the cold winter weather. Here are a few ideas for creating a cosy atmosphere in your home for the holidays.

thé de noel cosy

Decorating Your Tree for a Cosy Christmas

To create a cosy atmosphere, combine warm, welcoming and friendly elements on your tree


What Colours Should You Choose for a Cosy Christmas Tree?

Choose soft, soothing colours to decorate your tree and enhance the cosy feel of your home: wooden or white Christmas baubles are perfect for this.


What Decorations Should You Use for Your Christmas Tree?

Choose dim lighting for your tree, such as golden string lights to add a warm cosy touch to your space.


Our Other Tips For a Cosy Christmas Tree

Set up a corner with a comfortable armchair and a blanket close to the tree. It’s an ideal place to relax with a good book and a cuppa.

Preparing a Cosy Christmas Table

idée cadeau noël diy décoration cosy de noel centre de table

The centre of your festive table will be one of the most important elements in your dinner party decorations! Don’t hesitate to add natural elements to your decoration, such as fir branches, pine cones or floral arrangements. This will add a rustic touch to yourspace.

idée cadeau noël diy table décoration

Use scented candles or an essential oil diffuser releasing scents such as vanilla, cinnamon or cedarwood to fill your dining room with comforting fragrances.

idée cadeau noël diy décoration cosy de noel linge de table

When it comes to table linen, opt for a white tablecloth, preferably cotton, to add substance to your cosy Christmas table.

idée cadeau noël diy décoration cosy de noel plaid

As well as decorating your table, consider using soft cushions and woollen or faux fur plaids on the chairs to create a cosy feel.

Our Menu Ideas For a Cosy Christmas

For a cosy Christmas menu, choose recipes that offer traditional seasonal ingredients and comforting flavours. Comfort food is the perfect choice for creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere over the festive season.

For starters, a pumpkin and hazelnut soup will delight your guests’ taste buds. The rich flavours and aromas of this emblematic seasonal dishwill warm up the atmosphere as well as your guests’ hearts! hearts of your guests. 

To end your dinner  on a sweet note, prepare a deliciously caramelised apple tart or cinnamon and ginger biscuits. The sweet smell will take over the room . 

Pair these sweet treats with a hot drink, such as a comforting cinnamon caramel latte macchiato. Your Christmas meal will be a feast for the senses, but also a celebration of conviviality and tradition.


A chai latte is a hot drink with rich, spicy flavours. Made with chai tea powder, vanilla and milk, this recipe can be spiced up with cinnamon, for example.

chai latte vanille recette de noel cosy

Christmas Gift Ideas: Our Tipsor a Cosy Festive Season

It’s not always easy to please everyone at Christmas, so we’ve put together a list of gift ideas to help you do just that!

the de noel cosy

ForRomantics: Sugar Cubes Hearts L’Accroche Coeur rom Canasuc

If you prefer to give sweet treats as a gift, l’Accroche Cœur offers a pack of 32 heart-shaped sugar cubes in two colours: white cane sugar and amber cane sugar. 

An original and thoughtful way to bring more sweetness to your hot drinks.

Available now
accroche coeur sucre

Boxed set – Sucres L’accroche Coeur – Canasuc (32 pieces)

– 32 heart-shaped sugar cubes
– White cane sugar and traditional cane sugar
– Attaches to your cups

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For Organic and Sustainable Coffee Lovers: Green Lion Coffee’s Inca Blend Coffee Beans

This Christmas, choose an organic and eco-friendly gift with Green Lion Coffee’s Inca blend. 

This 100% Arabica coffee,roasted in France, offers a rich and sweet  cup with caramelised notes and nutty flavours, ideal as an espresso or for your milk drinks.

Available now
Café en grains - Mélange Inca - Green Lion Coffee 250g

Coffee beans – Mélange Inca – Green Lion Coffee (250g)

– Notes of caramel and nuts
– Certified organic
– Rich & sweet and spices aroma

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For Those Who Want Quality: the Porcelain Mug from Kinto

For a beautiful practical gift, choose the Kinto mug, handmade in Japan. 

Its white and beige colours highlight the porcelain design. What’s more, it’s ideal for enjoying any drink: long black coffee, cappuccino, latte, tea… or even our vanilla chai latte! 

Last but not least, this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Available now
mug porcelaine kinto

Mug – SCS-03 – Kinto (32 cl)

This white and beige porcelain mug holds 32 cl. Hand-made, but dishwasher-safe.

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For Tea Lovers: the Bodum Porcelain  Teapot With its Stainless Steel Infuser

For tea lovers, this Bodum porcelain teapot is the ideal Christmas gift. 

As well as its sleek, stylish design, its stainless steel infuser brings out the full flavours of your teas and infusions.

Available now
theiere bodum

Plunger teapot – Douro – Bodum (12 cups)

The Douro from Bodum is the ideal teapot for preparing all your teas and infusions. Its design is inspired by the Portuguese valley of the same name, and it’s made from top-quality porcelain.

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Find a DIY Christmas gift idea

noel cosy idee cadeau noel diy

As Christmas approaches, nothing beats a homemade gift. This year, give your loved ones a heart-warming Christmas with personalised gifts! Find a DIY Christmas gift idea that will amaze them. 

Here are a few suggestions for DIY gift ideas that will make their Christmas special: 

  • scented candles
  • personalised jewellery
  • natural and ecological skincare products
  • knitted or crocheted accessories
  • beautiful personalised greetings cards.

There are plenty of other DIY gift ideas, so don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild!

Our Christmas To Do List

note to do list

Make a list so you don’t forget any of your guests this festive season, and at the same time draw up your greetings card list.

to do list

Make note, as soon as you can, of any gift ideas, DIY or otherwise, for each of your loved ones.

noel budget

Set a precise budget for your cosy Christmas menu.

achats de noel

Find quality Christmas accessories and decorations to create a warm atmosphere for your guests.

playlist de noel

Create your own Christmas playlist to round things off and entertain your guests.

Preparing a cosy Christmas involves a combination of meticulous preparation and delicious food. Every step, from decorating to planning the menu, aims to create a warm atmosphere where conviviality and delicious food come together. All that’s left is to find a DIY Christmas gift idea that will delight your loved ones and share a Christmas filled with sweet moments, creating unforgettable memories!

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