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Organising a Traditional Christmas

Every year, some of us are yearning for a traditional Christmas. The festive season is about enjoying the cosy and warm atmosphere, filled with twinkling lights, enchanting scents and sharing moments with family and friends. If you also want to nail a traditional Christmas, from the menu to the decorations, check out this complete guide including our budget gift ideas.

Traditional Christmas at Home 

Christmas is a real feast for the senses with all the traditional Christmas delicacies, from the Yule log to sweet treats of the season, like chocolates and gingerbread biscuits. These exquisite flavours will tantalise your taste buds and warm your heart during the holidays. The warm, traditional design created by table decorations and candles will create a magical and convivial atmosphere

Decorating your Christmas Tree 

At the heart of this winter celebration, the Christmas tree becomes the centre of your living room. Majestic and adorned with sparkling decorations, it lends a festive spirit to your home.  

What Colours Should You Choose for a Traditional Christmas Tree?  

Red and white are traditional colours that will go wonderfully with the green of your tree, creating a harmonious effect that evokes the traditional Christmas we all know. Don’t hesitate to bring Christmas into your home with these bright colours, which also fill the streets and houses at this festive time of year. 

What Decorations Should You Use to Decorate Your Classic Christmas Tree? 

Add a few light garlands along the branches to brighten your living room and create a magical yet traditional Christmas setting. 

Each ornament will create memories to make your tree even more special. 

Preparing a Traditional Christmas Table

table de noel classique

The table centrepiece is the star of your decorating scheme, so work to your heart’s content. However, for a traditional Christmas, opt for seasonal flowers, fir branches or pine cones. These will add an authentic touch and a unique fragrance.

noel traditionnel table de noel

To add a warm touch of light to your table, place a few candleholders at each corner. They’ll create a magical atmosphere and accentuate the beauty of the decoration.

noel classique table de noel

Arrange your table linen with care, opting for tablecloths and napkins in festive red hues. These subtle details will enhance the whole table, creating a warm setting.

table de noel traditionnel

Your table will be perfectly in tune with the Christmas tradition with its white and red colours.

Our Traditional Christmas Menu Ideas 

For a traditional Christmas meal, choose a tender, juicy turkey with chestnuts, herbs or fruit for stuffing.  

For a twist on the season’s signature dessert, choose a coffee Yule log. This dessert will delight young and old alike at the end of this gourmet festive menu. 

How To Prepare a Café Liégeois, Our Classic Christmas Recipe

Café Liégeois is a cold, sweet drink. With a coffee base, ice cream, mascarpone, cream and cocoa, it’s almost a dessert: perfect for the festive season!

cafe liegeois recette de noel traditionnelle

Christmas Gift Ideas: Our Suggestions for a Traditional Celebration 

noel traditionnel idée cadeau petit budget

It’s not always easy to find personalised gifts for everyone at the end of the year. Forget key rings and high-tech products, and discover our selection of original gifts for coffee and tea lovers, as well as our low-budget Christmas gift guide below.

For those who love a traditional Italian coffee: the Pylano Duna Aluminium Moka Pot 9 cups 

If you’re looking for a useful gift, the Pylano Duna moka pot is ideal. Easy to use and to maintain, it is the perfect gift, especially when you have family over for Christmas. 

The Pylano Duna offers a traditional Italian coffee perfect for espresso-based drinks and coffee desserts. Enjoy a strong brew everyday! It can be used on all heat sources Except induction. 

Available now
Pylano Duna

Moka pot – Duna – Pylano (9 cups)

-Italian Moka Pot
-Made of aluminum
-All heat sources EXCEPT induction

See the product

For the Sweet Tooth: 4 Mini Panettones From Galup 

If you prefer to give a sweet gift, the 4 mini panettones from Galup are perfect for you.  

In this traditional Italian recipe, you’ll find all the traditional flavours of Christmas to delight everyone: chocolate, orange, apple and hazelnut.  

Its format allows you to discover new flavours and vary the pleasures. Finally, the beauty of the packaging makes this a gift that’s as beautiful as it is tasty!

Available now
mini pannetone galup

Set – Minipanettones – Galup (4)

– 4 mini-panettones, 100 g each
– Chocolate, orange, candied apples and hazelnut flavours
– According to the traditional Italian recipe

See the product

For coffee lovers: Christmas Blend Coffee Beans from Cafés Lugat 

For coffee aficionados, treat yourself to the latest Christmas Blend from Cafés Lugat.  

Created by the roasting teams at MaxiCoffee, its comforting flavours of nougat, milk chocolate, candied fig and raspberry will transport you to a traditional, comforting Christmas atmosphere. 

This well-balanced specialty coffee is a medium roast, perfect for pairing with any caffeinated beverage.

Available now
cafe grain lugat christmas blend

Coffee beans – Christmas Blend – Cafés Lugat (200 g)

– Notes: milk chocolate, nougat and fig confit
– Origin: Brazil, Nicaragua and Rwanda
– Packaging: 200g pack

See the product

For those who prefer quality teaware: the Minima Stone Green teapot from Viva Scandinavia 

The Stone Green porcelain teapot is the perfect choice for a practical gift for tea lovers.  

As well as its elegant, minimalist design, its 50cl capacity means you can prepare 2 cups simultaneously thanks to its micro-perforated infuser basket.  

Finally, 50g of tea from the French company Dammann Frères is included so you can enjoy this cup as soon as it is out of the box.

Available now
tiasnière viva scandinavia

Mug – Minima Stone Green Herbal Tea – Viva Scandinavia (50 cl)

-50 cl capacity
-Made entirely from porcelain
-Stainless steel infuser

See the product

Low-budget Christmas Gift Ideas 

noel traditionnel idée cadeau noël petit budget

If you’re on a budget, there’s something for everyone, too.  

Here are a few suggestions for finding a low-budget Christmas gift idea that’s just right for you:  

  • homemade gifts (or DIY gifts), which will show off your creativity. Scented candles come to mind; 
  • gift boxes on a budget;  
  • second-hand products. You can find what you’re looking for in second-hand shops, bookshops or online sales to unearth treasures at very affordable prices; 
  • houseplants or bouquets of seasonal flowers, which can be charming and less expensive gifts; 
  • gourmet gifts that appeal to everyone. Like a basket of homemade or grocery-bought delicacies, jams, biscuits or spice mixes. 

Finding a low-budget Christmas gift idea doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Focus on your creativity and personal attention: Santa can give memorable gifts without breaking the bank! 

Our Christmas To Do List

note to do list

Make your guest list for the festive season

to do list

Write down your gift ideas, inexpensive or not, for each of your guests

noel voeux

Make a list of the people you want to send a Christmas card to

noel budget

Set a budget for shopping for your traditional Christmas menu

achats de noel

Buy Christmas accessories and decorations to get your guests in the mood for the big day. 

playlist de noel

Create your own Christmas music playlist to get your guests dancing

Celebrating a traditional Christmas means immersing yourself in the festive season, in the simplicity of the moments shared, creating unforgettable memories and perpetuating precious traditions. With our advice, you’re sure to find the perfect decoration and gift to put under the tree!

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