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Which organic tea to choose ?

With so many varieties of organic tea on the market, it’s easy to wonder which organic tea to choose for the best taste experience. Explore the essential criteria to consider when choosing the ideal organic tea to suit your preferences. Thanks to our expertise, make the perfect choice to enjoy every cup of tea!


Tea is unique in that it is never washed during the production process, which encourages the presence of pesticide residues and heavy metals. To avoid finding these chemical pesticides in your cup of tea, organic tea is the solution!


What are the differences between organic and conventional tea?


Organic tea is distinguished by its total absence of pesticides and chemicals, making it a healthier option and a more flavoursome drink.


What’s more, organic tea is committed to nature, thanks to its environmentally-friendly cultivation methods, which help to preserve biodiversity and reduce its impact on the ecosystem.


As well as its taste, organic tea stimulates the digestive system and helps to prevent certain illnesses.


Finally, by opting for the best organic teas, you’re also supporting local farmers, contributing to a more sustainable economy and preserving local businesses. All without compromising taste or quality!


To guarantee the organic authenticity of a tea, opt for those bearing the AB label. 

In addition, opt for whole leaf teas in loose leaf or bag form, avoiding the powdered versions. 

organic teas

You can also buy organic tea from reputable brands that offer products that guarantee traceability and expertise in tea growing. 

Preserving tea leaves is important, because even when organic, poor preservation can alter the flavour. For this reason, opt for airtight, opaque tea bags or metal tins. Individually-wrapped tea bags also preserve the freshness of the tea. 

Finally, store your tea away from changes in temperature, humidity and light.

maxicoffee tips

On MaxiCoffee, each organic tea is clearly identified by its label, allowing consumers to make an informed choice. What’s more, specific filters in each category make it easy to find organic teas in bulk, bags, black tea, green tea, etc.

organic teas


Once you’ve chosen the brand and the packaging, select the colour of tea to suit your preferences. Having a variety of teas at your disposal means you can satisfy every craving throughout the day.

Which organic black tea to choose? 

For black tea lovers, choose from our selection of robust organic black teas. Whether spiced, flavoured or pure, our organic teas will meet your expectations and become your favourite morning companion.

Available now
the noir bio george cannon

Tea – “Baïkal” Russian taste organic tea – George Cannon (100 g)

– Type: organic black tea
– Notes: orange, bergamot, lemon, mandarin
– Packaging: 100 g tin

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Which organic green tea should I choose? 

Discover the bewitching world of organic green teas, available in a multitude of flavours. Our range of flavoured organic green teas offers a diverse choice to suit all palates, taking you on a real taste journey.

Available now
thé vert dammann bali

Tea – Bali – Dammann frères (25 bags)

– Notes: lychee, grapefruit, vine peach, and rose.
– Origin: China and Japan
– Packaging: box of 25 loose sachets

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Which organic herbal tea should you choose for caffeine-free pleasure? 

If you’re less fond of theine and prefer to choose organic herbal teas, we’ve got just what you need.

Available now
Infusion - Pukka - Camomille, Vanille & Miel de Manuka bio (20 sachets)

Herbal tea – Chamomile, Vanilla & Organic Manuka Honey – Pukka (20 teabags)

– Type: Organic herbal tea
– Notes: chamomile, vanilla and Manuka honey
– Packaging: 20 tea bags

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Which organic tea should I choose?

Morgane – Tea expert

In your quest to choose the perfect organic tea, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and unique tastes. However, I recommend putting together a good selection to satisfy all your cravings, whatever the occasion. Make sure you have a variety of loose teas in your stash to enjoy at home, as well as handy individual teabags to take with you when you’re on the move. 


I suggest you include at least one black tea, one green tea and one herbal tea in your basic assortment. If you’re a tea lover, don’t hesitate to expand your collection with white tea, flavoured teas and seasonal varieties to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each time of year (iced tea in summer, Christmas tea in winter, fruit tea in spring and spiced tea in autumn).

Choosing the right organic tea for you will depend on your taste preferences, your specific needs and the quality of the products available on the market. By keeping these criteria in mind, you can enjoy a cup of quality tea while contributing to your well-being and that of the planet!

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