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Brewing the Perfect Cup: A Guide to the Best Coffee Makers of 2024

Starting the day on the right foot is key to productivity and positivity. And what better way to do it than with a nice cup of coffee! Your morning coffee routine can easily become a powerful self-care ritual if you have the right tools.

In this article we’ll help you find the right coffee maker to help you relax in the morning and give yourself some ‘Me Time’.

Non-electric coffee makers

Brewing coffee using a non-electric device is a great way to slow down and take the time to craft the perfect cup. French press, Moka pot, Chemex: you’ve got plenty of options!  


French Press

The French Press is an immersion brewing method: coffee ground is infused in water during the entire process. The result is similar to filter coffee. The French press works amazingly well with medium or light roasts and only needs 6 to 8 minutes brewing time. They are simple to use, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. If getting sediments in your cup is a deal breaker for you, we recommend getting a Moka Pot instead.

french press


Moka Pot

Are you looking for something a little stronger? The Moka Pot, also known as stovetop espresso, could be the right fit for you. Coffee is brewed by the upward movement of boiling water through the coffee ground. The result? A strong, delicious (and sometimes piping hot!) beverage. Arabica and Robusta blends are most suited to this type of brewer.

moka pot


Coffee Dripper

Pour-over enthusiasts who are happy to take a bit more time to craft that perfect cup can opt for a Chemex or a Hario V60. They both use gravity methods and produce a light, smooth and refined coffee. Precision is important for this type of brew: you’ll need a scale and a grinder.

chemex tutorial



Portable and easy to use, the AeroPress coffee maker makes a good cup of coffee in under a minute! The pressure method gives a rich, flavourful coffee with no acidity and bitterness. The main con of the Aeropress is its capacity (250ml max for each brew).

Non-electric coffee makers tend to be relatively cheap. Other added benefits include their size – they are usually small enough to fit in your cupboards – and their environmental friendliness.

cafe aeropress

Please note that you will most likely need accessories such as grinders, scales and kettles. Contrary to electric coffee makers which offer consistent results, under or over extraction can occur if you’re not careful.

Electric coffee makers


Pod machine

Pod coffee machines are very convenient to use: your coffee will be ready in just the simple touch of a button. They produce consistent coffee with zero mess. Quality and coffee prices can greatly vary, however, depending on the brand of machine and pods.

pods coffee maker


Manual Espresso Machine

Do you fancy yourself a barista? With a manual espresso machine you will feel as if you really are one. With full control over every aspect of your drink, you can brew by hand an authentic espresso. A manual espresso machine requires some time and effort to use as well as accessories such as grinders.

manual espresso machine



Good in-betweens, bean-to-cup coffee machines have integrated grinders for a better ease of use. They produce similar results as manual espresso machines with less cleaning and fuss. Note that this type of machine tends to be pretty loud. It might not be your best bet if you’re a morning lark sharing your space with a night owl.

bean to cup


Drip Filter Machine

Despite the popularity of espresso machines, drip filter coffee machines remain the best-selling coffee machine on the market. Easy to use and affordable, they produce really good black coffee. Don’t choose this coffee maker if you love a good espresso with a nice crema.

If your budget allows it and you have enough space on your countertops, an electric coffee maker can be a great choice.

Still not sure yet which machine is right for you? Let’s review some criteria to help you buy the best coffee maker for your needs!

Criteria to consider when choosing a coffee maker


Non-electric brewers are your best option if your budget is tight. Moka pot and French press machines are usually under £30. If you are set on getting an electric coffee maker, know that a lot of pod machines are quite affordable. Remember to compare capsules’ compatibility and prices before choosing one brand over another.

Maintenance & Cleaning

How much time are you willing to dedicate to cleaning your appliances? All electric brewers need regular descaling and flushing with manual espresso machines needing the most care. On top of cleaning the machine itself, portafilters, filter baskets and drip trays will also need to be scrubbed clean pretty often.


If you’re a minimalist at heart, you might not want to buy accessories such as grinders, scales and coffee tampers. A bean-to-cup machine is the best standalone option out there. All you need is good quality coffee beans. An added bonus? They usually come with a milk frother.

Pod machines are also a good pick if you’re looking for something small and don’t want to buy a kettle and a grinder.

best coffee makers

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So, as you can see, there are a variety of different options out there to suit your needs. No matter the types of coffee you prefer, preferred brewing process, or budget available you should now have something to go on. Now you can make a delicious tasting coffee at home instead of making that morning dash to the coffee shop. Feel free to browse our coffee makers once you’re ready to make a decision.

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This is a comprehensive guide to choosing a coffee maker in 2024! The breakdown between non-electric and electric machines is helpful, with clear explanations of each method. For those wanting to explore specific coffee makers or delve into the world of grinding for better flavor, Coffee Orbital offers detailed reviews and brewing guides. Great resource!

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