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Best cold brew coffee makers of 2024

For many coffee lovers, the arrival of the warmer days and the first hints of the summer sun are synonymous with the smooth, refreshing escape of a delicious cold brew. Just because the weather is getting hotter, does not mean people are willing to give up their daily dose of caffeine. With cold brews becoming more and more popular, coffee brands have developed increasingly sophisticated coffee makers, especially for these cold drinks. Gone are the days of bitter or watered-down iced coffee. Cold brews now offer a nuanced flavour profile, lower acidity, and a naturally concentrated caffeine kick. But with a multitude of cold brew makers on the market, how do you find the perfect fit for your needs? First, it’s good to understand the history of these coffee makers to help you grasp how to choose the best one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for countertop convenience, batch-brewing capacity, or an immersion experience, we’ve created a curated selection of the 8 best cold brew coffee makers of 2024, ensuring your summer is brimming with delicious, customized cold brew bliss.

Origins and History of the Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Surprisingly to many, cold brew coffee has a very long history. Cold brew coffee can be traced back to the early 1600s in Japan. This is where the Kyoto-style cold brew method emerged. Cold water dripped slowly over coffee grounds for hours, extracting slowly flavour in a special tower apparatus. An alternative method, that required steeping coffee beans in cold water for an extended period was particularly popular among sailors as it allowed them to enjoy coffee without the need for heat or fire.

cold brew coffee

Jumping ahead to the 1960s, inventor Todd Simpson, inspired by a cold brew he tasted in Peru, created the Toddy Brewing System. This was the first commercially available cold brew maker specifically designed for home use. It relied on immersion brewing, where grounds steeped in cold water for an extended period. The Toddy system, with its simple design and focus on cold brew, paved the way for future machines.

The late 20th century saw a rise in speciality coffee shops in the US. Cold brew concentrate became a popular option for these cafes to offer iced coffee and blended drinks. However, the Toddy system wasn’t ideal for commercial settings. This spurred innovation, and new machines emerged that were faster and more suited to cafes. These often employed batch brewing systems with filtration mechanisms, allowing for larger quantities of cold brew to be produced efficiently. The 21st century has seen a continued rise in cold brew’s popularity, leading to even more variety in cold brew machines. Today, there are options for every need, from compact, single-serve brewers to countertop models with spigots for easy dispensing.  

How to select the best Cold Brew Coffee Maker? 

When choosing the perfect cold brew coffee maker, one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply. There are many reasons a cold brew coffee maker can be perfect for your neighbour but definitely not for you. There are a few key elements we recommend you keep in mind when looking for your perfect fit: 


Capacity Needs

Are you always going to be making just one cup for yourself or are there multiple cold brew lovers in your household? Be sure to check the batch sizes and brewing capacity as the right one for you will vary depending on your needs.


Space Constraints

Do you have ample counter space for a permanent fixture, or do you require a more compact, easily stored option? Consider your kitchen layout and available storage.


Complexity preferences

If you want complete control over the brewing process, some makers offer more customization options. For a simpler approach, other models prioritize ease of use.



Durability and material quality are important factors, especially if you plan on using your cold brew maker frequently. If you’re unsure about whether you want to adopt cold brew coffee-making long-term, you could consider a slightly less sturdy option. But if you already know you’ll get a lot of use out of your maker, opt for materials like glass or stainless steel for extended longevity.


Price Point

Cold brew makers range in price from budget-friendly options to feature-rich premium models. Determine your budget and prioritize the features most important to you.


Function vs. Fashion

While a sleek design might be appealing, prioritize user-friendly features and ease of cleaning. A beautiful cold brew maker that sits unused because of how difficult it is to handle is a much less attractive option.

How we created this list

Here at MaxiCoffee, we have cultivated our expertise over 20 years of selling coffee and coffee-makers. This extensive experience has equipped us with a deep understanding of the essential features and functionalities needed by coffee drinkers for their brewing equipment.

To curate this list of the 8 best cold brew coffee makers of 2024, we implemented a rigorous testing process based on pre-defined criteria. We evaluated a wide range of cold brew makers, putting them through their paces to assess factors like:

  • Durability: How well will this cold brew maker stand the test of time? We assessed the build quality and material selection to ensure longevity.
  • Ease of Use: Is the brewing process intuitive and user-friendly? Fiddly contraptions can quickly dampen the coffee experience.
  • Brew Time: How long does it take to craft a delicious batch of cold brew? We considered brewing efficiency and practicality.
  • Additional Features: Do certain models offer features that enhance the cold brew experience? We evaluated the value proposition of these features.

Beyond our own evaluations, we also turned to invaluable customer feedback. By understanding the real-world experiences of these machine’s users, we were able to create a comprehensive and accurate ranking of the best cold brew coffee makers available.

We are confident that this list, informed by MaxiCoffee’s expertise and rigorous testing procedures, provides an objective and insightful resource for your cold brew coffee maker selection. So, if you’re ready to make your pick, you’re in the perfect place!

cold brew coffee maker

Our selection

Ready to unlock the secrets of delicious cold brew? Whether you’re already a cold brew fan seeking an upgrade or a curious beginner, this guide has you covered. 

1. Bruer Blue Slow Drip Cold Brew coffee maker

Cool and classy, Bruer’s Blue Slow Drip Cold Brew coffee maker is a great place to start.  With its unique slow drip method, this high-quality coffee machine allows you to extract the rich flavours and aromas of coffee beans while minimizing acidity and bitterness. The Cold Bruer has a generous capacity, allowing you to brew a large batch of cold-brew coffee to enjoy throughout the day. Top tip – for a successful Cold Brew, be sure to pick a light or medium roast, use filtered water mixed with ice cubes, pre-infuse a few ml for 30 seconds, then infuse for 8 hours.

Available now
cold brew BRUER

Coffee maker – Cold Bruer – Bruer (Blue)

This cold brew coffee maker works without electricity.

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2. Tiamo Cold Brew Coffee Maker

With this extremely elegant cold-brew coffee maker, Tiamo offers an exceptional brewing experience. Watch the mesmerizing slow drip process extract rich flavours and aromas from your coffee grounds in Tiamo’s stunning glass brewer. This sculptural design isn’t just beautiful, it’s functional. Precise control over the water flow lets you customize your cold brew strength, while the stainless steel filter delivers pure, flavourful coffee. Enjoy up to 10 cups of smooth, low-acidity cold brew in just 3-7 hours.

Available now
cafetiere cold  brew tiamo

Coffee maker – Cold brew – Tiamo

The Tiamo cold brew coffee maker made with glass and wood makes exceptional coffee.

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3. Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Carafe

Brew delicious cold-brew coffee or tea without breaking the bank with the Kinto Capsule. This affordable carafe is a great place to start if you’re still trying out cold brews. simple to use and clean, making it perfect for beginners or busy coffee lovers. With this carafe, you get easy brewing, a smooth pour, a fridge-friendly format and an easy clean thanks to all the parts being dishwasher-safe.

Available now
kinto cold brew

Coffee maker – Capsule Cold Brew – Kinto (1L)

Kinto Capsule coffee maker, dark brown, in glass with infuser, for cold brew of your favourite coffee or tea.

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4. Kalita Wave Style 185 Set

Experience balanced, flavourful coffee at home with the Kalita Wave Style 185 Set. This pour-over brewer features a unique wave filter and flat bottom design to ensure even extraction and a delicious cup every time. The included glass carafe lets you brew and serve up to 4 cups of coffee, perfect for a morning pick-me-up or sharing with friends.

Available now
carafe kalita

Coffee maker – Wave style 185 – Kalita (500ml)

Prepare a well-balanced coffee with this Wave Style 185 set from Kalita. Glass and stainless steel dripper with glass carafe for 500 ml of coffee.

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5. Hario Filter-in Cold Brew Bottle 

Another very affordable coffee maker is Hario’s filter-in cold brew bottle! This bottle brews smooth, low-acidity cold brew with a simple process. Just add coffee grounds and water directly to the bottle, let it steep in your fridge, and enjoy refreshing cold brews for days. Its built-in mesh filter and secure lid make brewing and storing a breeze.

Available now
hario filter-in

Coffee maker – Filter-in cold brew – Hario (700ml)

The HARIO Filter-in bottle is designed for making delicious cold coffee. A simple way to enjoy a refreshing cold brew.

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Shopping list

Top Picks For Cold Brew Coffee Beans

If you’re looking for the right coffee beans to go along with your new cold-brew coffee maker, here are the three varieties we suggest: 

So, as you can see, there is a wide variety of cold brew coffee machines and now you know exactly how to choose the right one for your needs. Be sure to check out our other cold brew coffee makers here if you haven’t yet quite made up your mind.

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