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Capsules ESE, machine espresso


Ever heard of ESE pods? If you own a manual espresso machine, you’ll find these little pods to be less hassle than ground coffee.


ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso. These were invented in the 1970s to make espresso preparation at home easy.

These 44 mm pods contain 7 g of coffee wrapped in natural filter paper. 

Easy to use, they allow you to make cup after cup with no fuss.

They’ve been adopted by many of the world’s leading coffee brands, including Illy, Lucaffé, Castellari, Vergnano as well as artisanal brands like Les Petits Torréfacteurs, Brulerie d’Alre and Miscela d’Oro.


With their ideal grind size and perfectly even tamping, no more over- or under-extracted coffee! You can expect a perfect in-cup result.
In fact, tamping the coffee in a pod is the same as tamping it with a coffee tamper. 

What’s more, with pods, you can say goodbye to dirty and stained countertops! And that’s no small thing.

Single-serve pods

These pods contain a single dose of coffee enclosed in filter paper. Extremely easy to use, they also guarantee better preservation and consistent, optimal results.

This coffee pod technology allows you to prepare quality coffee quickly and effortlessly.

Which machines to use with ESE pods ?

machine a espresso, capsule ESE

ESE pods are compatible with most manual espresso machines. In fact, they can be used with all compatible espresso machines. 

But what if your coffee machine isn’t compatible, and you can’t fit ESE pods in the portafiter? Simply add an ESE filter. Filters for ground coffee and ESE pods are often the same.
Have a read of your machine’s user manual carefully, as it should be mentioned.

Compatible machines

So which coffee machine should you use with ESE pods? 

Many manual espresso machines are compatible with ESE pods

ESE pods VS soft pods : What the difference ? 

ESE pods are often confused with soft pods.

Soft pods, also known as pads or Senseo® pods are softer and less compact than ESE pods. With a diameter of 70 mm, they are larger than ESE pods, which are only 44 mm.

ESE pods contain 7 g of already tamped ground coffee while soft pods contain untamped ground coffee for making filter coffee. 

In addition, soft pods are often less compatible with other machines. Senseo® compatible pods are usually only recommended for Senseo® coffee machines.


Nocturne Decaf ESE pods x 40 – La Semeuse

Decaffeinated coffee is also available in ESE pod format! Made with 100% arabica beans decaffeinated with spring water and roasted in Switzerland, these pods are as good as regular coffee minus the caffeine! A family-run business, La Semeuse was founded in 1900 by a French family and offers unique and timeless products. With this blend of coffees from Brazil and Haiti, you’ll enjoy notes of wild berries and honeysuckle.

Available now
dosettes ese la semeuse

ESE PODS – Nocturne Decaffeinated – La Semeuse (x40)

-Mild espresso
– Decaffeinated coffee
– 40 pods pack

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Santominas Brazil ESE pods x 50 – Les Petits Torréfacteurs

Are you looking for gourmet coffee made in France? We recommend Santomimas Brazil! Made from pure-origin Brazilian Arabicas, these ESE pods are smooth with notes of chocolate and roasted peanuts. Hand-roasted by French coffee artisans.

Available now
dosettes ese petits torrefacteurs

ESE PODS – Santominas Brazil – Les Petits Torréfacteurs (x50)

– Pure origin coffee
– Notes of chocolate and peanuts
– 100% Arabica from Brazil

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Espresso ESE pods x 50 – Caffè Vergnano

With these ESE Expresso pods from Caffè Vergnano, you can enjoy the Italian coffee experience at home. With its delicate aroma and beautiful crema, this Arabica and Robusta blend produces a short, full-bodied, intense espresso. What’s more, the pods are made from biodegradable paper.

Available now
dosettes ese vergnano

ESE PODS – Espresso – Caffè Vergnano (x50)

– Italian Espresso pods
– Dark roast
– Biodegradable pods

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Maple syrup and pecan nut flavoured ESE coffee pods x 50 – Les Petits Torréfacteurs

Gourmet lovers, you’ll adore this flavoured coffee with sweet notes of maple syrup and pecan nut! Ideal for a gentle start to the day, or a post-lunch treat. A pure-origin Peruvian coffee, hand-roasted in France with respect for human and environmental values.

Available now
dosettes ese petits torrefacteurs noix de pecan

ESE PODS – Maple syrup and pecan nut flavoured – Les Petits Torréfacteurs (x50)

– Maple syrup and pecan nut flavour
– 100% Arabica from Peru
– French artisan roast

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Although not widely used in the UK, ESE pods have real advantages when it comes to making quality espresso at home. Now that you know more, it’s time to try them out!

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