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green lion coffee

Green Lion Coffee: high quality, organic coffee

As you know, here at MaxiCoffee we aim to introduce you to high quality coffee. Coffees with rich flavours, from far-off lands. Coffees that are both delicious and eco-friendly, from local roasters who use their expertise to squeeze every last ounce of taste from every coffee bean. Our brand Green Lion Coffee is all these things… and so much more!

The Green Lion Coffee brand: values and commitments

A commitment to the environment

Green Lion Coffee is a brand of organic coffees: the coffees are cultivated in the respect of environmental values and biodiversity. Produced from sustainable and committed agriculture, they offer an authentic taste and are roasted in France.


A support to fair trade

The brand is also committed to fair trade. By carrying out its sourcing with this objective in mind, Green Lion Coffee is committed to the following points:

  • guarantee stable prices and better remuneration for coffee growers
  • to improve the living conditions of the producers and the quality of the coffee
  • preserve the environment in the face of global warming and deforestation.

Moreover, some of its coffees carry the Fairtrade/Max Havelaar label. What is the Fairtrade/Max Havelaar label?  Launched in 1988, this movement is based on a model of fair trade based on strict and meticulous specifications. A good way to ensure the production and marketing of your coffee!

Sailboat transportation for some coffees

In addition to organic farming and fair trade, some coffees have another guarantee: the Anemos label. What is the Anemos label? It is the first transport label in the world that guarantees a shipping that limits or reduces CO2 emissions. It is available on all products transported by sail from the four corners of the Atlantic. If you want to know more, we invite you to discover our article about the arrival of an Anemos Label coffee in Bordeaux.

Organic coffees for all tastes at Green Lion Coffee

The range of organic coffees

In addition to this investment in the environment and society, the brand is also committed to the quality of the coffees it offers. It offers a wide range of coffees. There is something for everyone: arabica, robusta, blends, medium or dark roast… and in different formats!


Recycle your aluminum capsules

Aluminum caps are recyclable. You can put them in the yellow waste garbage can or in your nearest recycling center. Coffee grounds can be reused: in greenhouses, for compost or to be transformed into biogas. Aluminum can be used as packaging or recycled into cans.

Green Lion Coffee and MaxiCoffee

Green Lion Coffee is a MaxiCoffee brand, which was created by a team of experts, passionate about offering consumers environmentally friendly coffees. The coffee beans, selected thanks to MaxiCoffee sourcing, are then entrusted to the roasting division where they are roasted to order. By bringing together the complementary expertise and know-how of MaxiCoffee and Green Lion Coffee, we can offer you organic, quality and committed coffees.


In short, Green Lion Coffee is a brand that offers coffees grown with respect for the environment and the coffee growers. In addition, it is committed to offering quality organic coffees accessible to all.  However, if you want to discover our other coffee brands, go to MaxiCoffee website!

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