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drink coffee in the morning

The Best Morning Coffees: Our Top 5

The start of the new school year is already upon us, goodbye to the summer and the long sunny days. Are you looking for the morning coffee that will make you want to get up every day? Look no further! MaxiCoffee guides you to understand why coffee helps you wake up every morning and which coffee to choose to make you smile as soon as you wake up. Whether you are working from home or at the office, one coffee will get you going throughout the day. So choose wisely! Do you need a strong, mild, organic coffee or even a specialty coffee? Let’s find out together.

Why Drink Coffee in the Morning? 

If you enjoy your morning coffee, it’s because it helps you wake up your brains and your taste buds! The caffeine it contains gives you the boost you need to start the day. The way your coffee is made, the variety you choose and how it is roasted, all play a part in the amount of caffeine contained in your morning coffee. For example, Robusta beans are richer in caffeine than Arabica coffee beans. But its more pronounced bitterness may not suit all palates, especially in the morning! When consumed in moderation, caffeine improves the ability to concentrate and stimulates digestion. It also reduces the feeling of fatigue by increasing the level of cortisol in your blood. This is why for some people, consuming caffeine in the morning is an essential step to start the day. Of course, everyone reacts differently to caffeine. You can easily build a tolerance. That’s why some people can drink an espresso and go to bed without any problem. Others, on the other hand, need several cups to wake up. It’s up to you to find the perfect and safe amount (according to the European Food Safety Agency) to get the full benefits.

Espresso, filter, or slow brew, which preparation method should you choose for your morning coffee?

Moccamaster filter coffee

Of course, it all depends on your tastes and the time you have available for breakfast. That said, you should know that a strong espresso, while it will awaken your taste buds, is less caffeinated than other brewing methods. A filter or slow-brew coffee will be richer in caffeine, as the water stays in contact with the coffee grounds for longer. Filter machines are interesting if you have trouble getting out of bed: some are even programmable. You can prepare your ground coffee in the evening, wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, and enjoy a cup almost immediately. A dream come true! If you have the time and enjoy rituals, you can opt for a slow brew (also called slow coffee). Whether you use a cafetière, such as a Bodum French press, or a filter coffee method, such as a V60 pourover or a Chemex, these brewing methods make your morning coffee a meditative and timeless moment. You can watch the coffee grounds unfold as they come into contact with the water, and then the coffee slowly flows into the coffee maker. The result will be rich in aroma and caffeine, perfect for starting the day. Pro tip: you can chill any extra filter coffee and enjoy it as an ice coffee! Still looking for the right machine for your morning coffee? Find the coffee maker of your dreams!

Our selection of morning coffees to start the new school year

Here are our favourite coffee beans for a good cup of coffee in the morning. Don’t hesitate to discover all our coffee beans on MaxiCoffee.

Are you looking for a well-balanced and rich in caffeine coffee for your morning espresso?

Green Lion Coffee’s Terres d’Avenir organic coffee beans will be just what you need. This Arabica/Robusta blend offers a very mild coffee with powerful lingering aromas. Its dark roast will reveal all its power with an espresso machine. Produced from organic farming, this coffee is grown with respect for the environment and biodiversity. 

Available now
Café en grain - Terre d'avenir - Green Lion Coffee 250g

Coffee beans – Terre d’avenir – Green Lion Coffee (1kg)

– Notes: toast, dark chocolate
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 1kg pack

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New on MaxiCoffee this autumn, the 100 coffee beans from the Italian roaster Le Piantagioni Del Caffè, is a 100% Arabica specialty coffee. It has been designed for everyday use and is intended for coffee lovers who want to discover speciality coffees…or enjoy it every morning! This blend of Arabicas from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Ethiopia will make your daily espresso a unique experience, with notes of malt and cocoa.

Available now
café en grains

Coffee beans – Café 100 – Le Piantagioni Del Caffe

– Notes: cedar, tabaco, molasse
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 1kg pack

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Do you like smooth morning coffees that are perfect for filter brewing?

Altura coffee beans from Cafés Lugat will make your morning a moment of pure sweetness. The cocoa, hazelnut and caramel notes of this 100% Arabica coffee make each cup a delicious start to the day. A slight acidity at the end of the mouth gives you that extra touch of energy. Its medium roast is ideal for espresso as well as for filter coffee or the gentle method.

Available now
Café en grain - Altura - Cafés Lugat - 250g

Coffee beans – Altura – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Notes: caramel, cocoa, hazelnut
– Origin: pure origin
– Packaging: 250g pack

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Make your morning coffee an extra-indulgent moment with Les Petits Torréfacteurs by MaxiCoffee praline flavoured coffee beans. This 100% Guatemalan Arabica medium roast is perfect for filter coffee methods. You’ll get a cup with praline flavours, perfect if you like a round coffee, easy to drink in the morning. 

Available now
café aromatisé

Coffee beans – Praline flavoured – Les Petits Torréfacteurs (125g)

– Notes: praline flavoured coffee
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 250g pack

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Filter coffee or espresso, can you choose according to your morning mood?

Are you lucky enough to be able to choose your brewing method according to your mood? La Esparanza The Barn coffee beans will quickly become your favourite morning coffee. This Grand cru coffee can be prepared as an espresso or a filter to discover its different facets. Well-balanced, you will first appreciate its Cranberry and red plum notes, with a taste of milk chocolate and vanilla. 

Available now
the barn la esperanza

Coffee beans – La Esperanza – The Barn (250g)

– Origin Guatemala
– Notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, cranberry and red plum
– Pure origin

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Whether you prefer a quick shot of espresso, a more balanced filter coffee experience, or a smooth slow brew, there’s a coffee type out there that suits everyone’s taste buds. Choosing the right type of coffee for your morning routine can be the difference between a good day and a great one. What it all comes down to is personal preference. Whatever your preference, choosing the right coffee type for your morning routine will help set you up for success throughout your day.

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