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Top 10 of The Best Moka Pots of 2024

If you’re a coffee lover who cherishes the ritual of brewing a rich and aromatic cup of coffee, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the Moka pot. This iconic stovetop espresso maker has been a staple in Italian households for generations, and its popularity continues to grow worldwide.


Originating in the 1930s, Moka pots, commonly known as stovetop espresso makers or Italian coffee makers, have been a staple for Italian coffee lovers for decades. First invented by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, this iconic espresso maker delivers a strong and aromatic coffee blend, bridging the gap between espresso and filter coffee. The Moka pot can also handle any type of roast, and any type of hob and is an affordable, portable and eco-friendly purchase! Now you see why it’s a must! While it accommodates different roasts, it’s particularly well-suited for medium roasts, and naturally, the bold Italian dark roast.

moka pot

How does a Moka pot differ from a French press, you may ask? The Moka pot forces steam through ground coffee in its bottom chamber, delivering a rich and concentrated brew. The French press, on the other hand, employs a simple yet effective immersion brewing method, allowing coarsely ground coffee to steep in hot water before pressing the plunger to extract a flavoursome cup of coffee.

Now that I convinced you to get a Moka pot, you might wonder which model suits you best. Given the diverse array of options in terms of quality, price, build, and size, choosing the right one can be a challenge. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our best Moka pots for 2024.


When choosing an Italian coffee maker, prioritise durability and quality. Also, consider the material and compatibility with your hob type. Traditionally crafted from aluminium, Moka pots have evolved to include stainless steel models, catering to the growing popularity of induction hobs. While aluminium Moka pots suit electric stoves, they require meticulous hand washing and care to maintain their longevity, as they are more prone to damage from dishwashers or abrasive cleaning tools. In contrast, stainless steel, known for its non-porous and rust-resistant properties, demands less upkeep and is high quality, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. Although a stainless steel moka pot offers resilience, it’s important to note that the brewing process might be comparatively lengthier than that of aluminium Moka pots.

moka pot

Top tip: To create the perfect cup, be sure to pay attention to the heat source and ensure it’s set to the ideal temperature for your Moka pot to work its magic. Each Moka pot will have different specifications, so take the time to read through the instructions when you first receive yours.

For a comprehensive guide on selecting the ideal Moka pot and how to use it, take a look at our detailed article, “Moka Pot: Making Coffee the Italian Way, Our Guide to the Moka Pot.


At MaxiCoffee, we’ve been selling coffee and coffee makers for over 20 years. Our expertise allows us to know the best attributes and characteristics to look out for in all varieties of coffee makers.

To create this list, we used set criteria to test a wide range of Moka pots, including measuring the concentration of the coffee, the durability, the ease of use, the time to make the coffee and more. We also considered customer feedback to create a comprehensive and accurate ranking of the best moka pots. We are confident that our ranking of the best moka pots of 2023 is accurate and objective, so if you’re looking for your new Moka pot, then you’re definitely in the right place.

moka pot

Now that all that is out of the way, let’s dive in!


We’ve compiled a list of the best Moka pots of 2023, based on factors such as quality, price, and features. Whether you’re already a Moka pot user and are looking for an upgrade or are a beginner wanting to start your journey, this is the list for you. It’s time to embrace the authentic Italian charm of the Moka Pot, a timeless piece that consistently delivers an impeccable espresso-like experience. Let’s get you paired up with your ideal Moka pot!

1. Bialetti Moka Express – 3 cups

If you’re a beginner, the Bialetti Moka Express is the place to start.

Bialetti is the leading brand for Moka pot coffee makers. They offer guaranteed quality and a range of formats.

Bialetti has cemented its brand reputation thanks to its original design. The Moka Express, with its understated handle, not only ensures a secure grip but also exudes timeless elegance. Continuing its legacy into 2023, the Moka Express stands as a true classic, inviting aficionados to rediscover the captivating aromas synonymous with Italian-style coffee. If you find yourself uncertain about the ideal coffee pairing for your Bialetti Moka Express, explore our starter bundle, featuring the meticulously crafted Bialetti Perfetto Moka coffee, specifically roasted to complement Moka pots.

Available now
Bialetti Moka Express

Italian coffee maker – Moka Express – Bialetti (3 cups)

Capacity : 15cl = 3 cups
18/10 Aluminium
Not suitable for induction hobs

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2. Pylano Moka Pot Kiara in Glass & Stainless Steel – 6 cups

Discover the perfect fusion of tradition and modern design with the Kiara Moka pot by Pylano. This sleek stainless steel and borosilicate glass moka pot, compatible with induction, effortlessly brews up to 6 cups of rich, aromatic coffee. Pylano, known for their trendy and user-friendly kitchenware products, continues to infuse contemporary elegance into the timeless allure of the classic Italian moka pot.

Available now
moka pot pylano

Italian coffee maker – Kiara – Pylano (6 cups/30 cl)

Capacity: 6 cups / 30 cl
Compatible with: Induction
Material: Stainless steel & Glass

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3. Bialetti New Moka Induction Red – 4 cups

With its new range of Moka Pots suitable for induction hobs, Bialetti combines tradition and modernity. The Moka Induction’s handle is simple and elegant, guaranteeing both safety and an optimal grip. The stainless steel exterior layer of the boiler is induction-compatible, while the internal aluminium layer ensures uniform heat dispersion. The combination of the aluminium body, typical of the classic Moka, along with the dual-layer boiler, guarantees a coffee experience as delightful as that from the conventional Moka.

Available now
moka bialetti

Moka pot – New Moka Induction red – Bialetti

– Capacity: 30 cl (6 cups)
– Materials: Stainless steel & Aluminium
– Suitable for Induction Hobs

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4. Alessi La Conica Moka Pot Designed by Aldo Rossi – 6 cups

The La Conica Moka Pot is an elegant addition to the Officina Alessi range. Crafted from 18/10 stainless steel, it guarantees exceptional durability and quality. The coffee maker’s copper bottom allows for excellent heat absorption and optimal heat dissipation, preserving the coffee’s aromas and warmth, resulting in a superior brew in your cup. What sets this Italian coffee maker apart is its distinctive and original shape, lending it a unique charm. Aldo Rossi has used his creativity to create a sublime coffee maker while taking into account the tastes and expectations of the public. Its high quality and excellent thermal conductivity make the La Conica perfect for making delicious coffee. It is available in 3 and 6 cups capacity.

Available now
cafetière italienne alessi

Moka pot – La Conica – Alessi (6 cups)

– Capacity: 300 ml (6 cups)
– Stainless steel 18/10 & copper base
– For all heat sources (except induction)

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5. Bialetti moka pot Mini Express 2 cups with 2 Red Bicchierini Cups

Savour the perfection of two espressos with the stylish Bialetti Mini Express moka pot, accompanied by two 9cl Bicchierini cups. Suitable for all heat sources except induction, this compact pot ensures a delightful coffee-sharing experience. Its special aluminium plate keeps your cups warm during brewing, while its display-worthy design adds charm to your kitchen. As an Italian market leader since 1933, Bialetti is renowned for its blend of technology and elegance, delivering not just functionality but sheer kitchen sophistication.

Available now
bialetti cafetière italienne

Italian coffee maker – Mini express red – Bialetti (2 cups)

– Capacity: 2 cups / 10 cl
– Compatible with: All burners except induction
– Material: Aluminium

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6. Alessi 9090 Moka Pot for Induction Hobs Designed by Richard Sapper – 9 cups

Established in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, Alessi has consistently led the way in pioneering and inspired product design, boasting a wide range of products. Crafted from premium 18/10 stainless steel, this Moka Pot from Alessi was developed and designed by German designer Richard Sapper. This top-of-the-range moka pot features a distinctive design and was made with the highest of quality materials. With a generous 9-cup, or 500ml, capacity, it is also available in 3 and 6-cup options.

Available now
cafetière italienne + café

Moka pot – 9090 – Alessi

– Capacity: 45cl (10 cups)
– Stainless steel 18/10
– Induction

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7. Pylano Duna Aluminium Moka Pot – 9 cups

Do you regularly host gatherings with quite a few people? Consider investing in a Moka pot that can effortlessly produce 9 cups of rich and invigorating coffee, catering to everyone’s caffeine needs with ease. Pylano is a new brand that offers a unique range of Moka pots, with a capacity varying from 6 to 12 cups. For those new to the Moka pot experience and unsure about diving in, the Pylano Duna is an excellent beginner option. This affordable yet high-quality Moka pot features a sleek aluminium body that efficiently diffuses heat, ensuring a well-controlled extraction process. Additionally, the inclusion of a pressure relief valve in the tank prioritises safety. The Pylano Duna is the perfect moka pot to brew a traditional Italian-style coffee.

Available now
Pylano Duna

Moka pot – Duna – Pylano (9 cups)

-Italian Moka Pot
-Made of aluminum
-All heat sources EXCEPT induction

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8. Bialetti Moka Express – 6 cups

This pot is probably the bestselling Moka pot in the world. Bialetti’s Moka stovetop coffee maker has long been a symbol of Italian elegance and simplicity and is renowned for its signature 8-sided aluminium base that enhances coffee aroma. This model incorporates the colours of the Italian flag. Display it proudly in your kitchen as both a functional appliance and an exquisite décor piece. The Moka Express’s sleek handle ensures both security and a comfortable grip.

Available now
bialetti cafetière italienne

Italian coffee maker – Moka Express Italia – Bialetti (6 cups/30 cl)

– Color: Italian flag
– Compatible with: All burners except induction
– Material: Aluminium

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9. Alessi Moka Coffee Maker Designed by Alessandre Mendini – 6 cups

This Alessi cast aluminium Moka pot was developed and designed by the Italian designer Alessandro Mendini. It is part of the Moka Alessi range, which showcases a variety of moka pots. It is a superb, top-of-the-range moka pot with a unique design, made from quality materials. It has a 6-cup, or 300ml, capacity.

Available now
cafetière italienne alessi

Moka pot – Moka coffee maker designed by Alessandre Mendini – Alessi

– Capacity: 30cl (6 cups)
– Cast aluminium
– All heat sources (except induction)

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10. Bialetti New Venus Induction Moka Pot Coffee Maker – 6 cups

Designed by Guido Bergna, a famous designer of house appliances, the first Venus Moka Pot seduces with its soft and elegant lines. Compatible with induction hobs and all other heat sources, it means everyone can enjoy a good Italian coffee! Over the years, the Venus has become as iconic as the original Moka Express. Both classy and functional, the New Venus has an anti-drip spout so you can pour your coffee without making a mess. With this new design, the water boiler’s base is 20% thicker making it safer and sturdier. The newly designed handle,  the New Moka Venus ‘R’ is ergonomic and elegant. The anti-scale handle ensures security and optimal grip which lacked with the first Venus model.

Available now
Cafetiere italienne Bialetti New Venus

Moka Pot – New Venus Induction R – Bialetti (6 cups)

– Capacity: 30cl = 6 cups
– 18/10 Stainless steel
– Suitable for all hobs + induction
– New Design

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As you can see, it all depends on your criteria! Price, taste, materials, design, efficiency? It’s up to you to decide and we hope that our selection was able to help you choose the right Moka Pot! Don’t forget that with a great Moka Pot comes great coffee!

Here are two top tips:


For a rich and flavourful experience, ensure your coffee grinder is set to the appropriate level to produce finely ground coffee suitable for your Moka pot.


Moka pots can be very long-lasting coffee makers, as long as they are well looked after. Don’t forget to read the care instructions provided with your Moka pot when you receive it, as not all Moka pots require the same type of cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re still unsure, take a look at our full range of Moka pots here. You can also check out our selection of ground coffee specific to Moka Pots. In the meantime, see you soon on MaxiCoffee!

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