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Top 5 Best Coffees for the Slow Coffee Method

If you are reading this article, then it means that you’ve already been converted to Slow Coffee! Coffee reveals itself in a very different way with these extraction techniques bringing out fine aromas and subtle notes. Taking your time often makes things much more interesting. So today, I intend on introducing you to some tasty nuggets with this Top 5 coffees for Slow Coffee. Roasted especially for these extraction methods, you will just have to grind them to the right fineness to reveal all their flavors. Ready to discover my selection? Let’s go!

1 – Committed and Eco-Friendly Slow Coffee

Café Michel – Organic Bolivian Coffee Beans

This coffee from Bolivia is a 100% Arabica from organic farming and certified fair trade (SPP label). It is particularly well-balanced: round and slightly acidic, it offers subtle notes of red fruits. Why I like it: Beyond its strong commitment to producers, Café Michel is a SCOP really committed to organic farming. Yet this work is never in spite of the taste.  This coffee, with a monk’s robe roasting, offers an excellent result with my piston coffee maker.

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café bio

Coffee beans – Bolivie – Café Michel

– Notes: milk chocolate, roasted hazelnut, black cherry
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 1kg pack

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2 – Specialty Coffee Grand Cru

Cafés Lugat – Gitoki

MaxiCoffee Roasters proudly presents a coffee experience like no other – the Gitoki Grand Cru. Delve into a world of taste sensations as you savor these meticulously selected 200g coffee beans that promise an exceptional cup with harmonious balance.

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café de spécialité cafés lugat

Coffee beans – Gitoki – Cafés Lugat (200g)

– Notes: strawberry, grapefruit, raspberry, pineapple
– Origin: pure origin
– Packaging: 200g pack

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3 – Award-Winning Coffee

Terres de Café – Colombia Bourbon South Huila

Second prize epucien 2019, this blend of Colombian Arabicas is a perfectly successful and balanced blend in terms of flavor notes. Roasted in France, this Bourbon South Huila coffee offers us a complex, pure and juicy cup with notes of flowers, tea and citrus. A silky body supported by a magnificent mineral tension. Why I like it: This specialty coffee (it is rated 88/100) can seem a bit complex at first. I was able to test it in espresso and in the gentle method. It is quite versatile, but I prefer it in Method V60 (Dripper) to bring out the mango and black currant notes. One of my favorites among the coffees for Slow Coffee.

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café de spécialité

Coffee beans – Colombia Bourbon South Huila – Terres de café

– Notes: citrus, black tea, cane sugar, white flowers
– Origin: pure origin
– Packaging: 250g pack

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4 –  The Unexpeded

Marley Coffee – One Love

This coffee which was sourced in Ethiopia is rather known for offering a nice result on the espresso. But tested in a gentle method by several MaxiCoffee experts, we have rediscovered this coffee! Why I like it: Consensual, this coffee is perfect for neophytes who want to discover the world of coffee beans little by little.  I particularly appreciate all the markdowns around this coffee, both organic and ethical.

Available now
café bio

Coffee beans – One love – Marley Coffee (227g)

– Notes: walnut, cedar, tabaco
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 227g pack

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5 – Italian Roast for Slow Coffee

Goppion Caffé – El Salvador Pure Origin

Unlike blends, “Pure Origin” coffees come from the same terroir. They are therefore generally more assertive, with notes very typical of their origin. It is aimed at fine palates who will appreciate this typicality. Goppion’s El Savador coffee is an exceptional coffee that grows in the volcanic mountains of the Cordillera Del Balsamo. A 100% Arabica coffee with aromas of caramel and vanilla and a long, sweet finish.

Available now
Café en grains El Salvador Goppion Caffee

Coffee beans – El Salvador – Goppion Caffee (500 g)

– Notes: cinnamon, cocoa, sweet spices
– Origin: pure origin
– Packaging: 500g pack

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Slow coffee is a brewing method that brings out the best in coffee beans and allows us to savor their unique flavors. By choosing from the top 5 best coffees for the slow coffee method, you can experience a range of flavor profiles and brewing techniques that will elevate your coffee experience to the next level. Remember to always grind your beans to the right fineness and experiment with different brewing methods to find the perfect cup of slow coffee for you.

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