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Top 5 of Made in France Coffees

“Made in France” coffee is all the rage! For most of us, buying local products means contributing, in our own small way, to supporting and raising the profile of committed coffee artisans in our own country.  Of course, with coffee, it is a little bit more complicated to buy locally.  Coffee doesn’t grow in Europe of course, but there’s no shortage of coffee beans shipped to France every week to be roasted by our favourite artisans! As a result, we’re receiving more and more requests for French coffee beans. As with all these things, however, the amount of choice can be a little overwhelming. So I thought I’d present you with a few of my favourite coffees – each of them brought to you from France, with love.  

Monsieur Albert, 100% Organic Arabica Coffee Beans from Peru – Terra Moka

The multi award-winning Terra Moka brand is known for its high quality organic coffee. In 2017, Philippe and Chantal Sauzay had the mad but magnificent idea of producing environmentally responsible coffee and selling it in biodegradable packaging that is free from aluminium and plastic. Above all else, they were also intent on establishing a humane and ethical business model that paid small producers a fair price.  And that is exactly what they’ve done. I present to you… Monsieur Albert! This organic grand cru is made using pure origin arabica coffee beans from Peru. It has a delightful smooth flavour and an enjoyable persistent finish.  A must-try coffee.

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Coffee beans – Monsieur Albert – Terramoka (200g)

– Notes: candied lemon, roasted almond, dark chocolate
– Origin: pure origin
– Packaging: 200g pack

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Terre d’Avenir Fair Trade – Green Lion Coffee

These organic coffee beans offer an intense blend of arabica and robusta that makes them perfect for an Italian-style espresso. Its medium roast draws out subtle yellow fruit and dark chocolate tasting notes. A hint of woodiness produces a longer finish, while its full body gives your taste buds plenty to work with.  Green Lion roasts their coffee in France in accordance with the purest traditions. The brand is committed to offering organic products that are respectful of both the environment and biodiversity.  

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Café en grain - Terre d'avenir - Green Lion Coffee 250g

Coffee beans – Terre d’avenir – Green Lion Coffee (1kg)

– Notes: toast, dark chocolate
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 1kg pack

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A Made in France Signature Blend – Brûlerie Caron

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s high time you discovered the flagship blend from the Caron roastery.  Roasted in Chatillon in the Hauts de Seine region, this double award-winning coffee presents an irresistible mixture of grand cru coffee beans. Comprising four high-quality arabica coffee beans (from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Brazil), it offers notes of caramel, chocolate and red fruit. Personally, I think it works well as an espresso made using a bean-to-cup espresso machine.

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brulerie caron

Coffee beans – Blend Signature – Brûlerie Caron (250g)

– Notes: chocolate, caramel, red berries
– Origin: blend
– Packaging : 250g pack

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Made in France Coffee: Rose Diamond by Cafés Lugat 

Rose Diamond is a Brazilian terroir coffee presenting a unique personality defined by its geographical origins. It is grown in the Cerrado region of Brazil, at altitudes ranging from 800 to 1300 metres. This blend of natural arabica beans is characterised by gourmet chocolate and peanut flavours. Cafés Lugat is a French roastery who take great care to ensure the traceability of their beans.   Rose Diamond is a relatively light roast, so it works best with slow coffee methods (using a Chemex or V60, for example).

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specialty coffee

Coffee beans – Rose Diamond – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Notes: chocolate, peanut butter
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 250g pack

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Italian-style Organic Coffee Beans – Café Michel 

Roasted in the Gironde department, this Italian-style espresso is made up of a blend of organic fair trade arabica robusta beans.  I was lucky enough to visit this roastery, which is run by a committed and socially-engaged team of coffee professionals.  This coffee will transport you to Italy, thanks to the toasty notes of its robusta beans. If you’re in the market for something intense and powerful, this is the coffee for you.  I tested it using an Italian-style Moka Pot, which is how I prefer to brew this particular blend of organic coffee beans.

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meilleur mélange expresso bio 2016

Coffee beans – L’expresso – Café Michel (500g)

– Notes: caramel, dark chocolate, candied fig
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 500g pack

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That’s all for my short selection of Made in France coffee. I hope you found something you like! If not, there are many more options out there, so all I can advise is to carry on tasting until you find your perfect match. See you soon for more caffeinated adventures!

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