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How many coffee beans do you need to make a good cup of coffee?

Making the perfect cup of aromatic coffee depends on how many coffee beans per cup you use and the type of bean you choose. Grind more and you’ll have a robust cup of coffee,

less and your coffee will be mellower. This article shows how many coffee beans per cup you need when brewing coffee at home or in the office to create a distinct flavour.

Getting the coffee measurement right

It’s important to know how many ground coffee beans to use and how to get the coffee-to-water ratio right to make a quality cup of coffee.

Think of it as a formula. Don´t worry, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius! The golden ratio recommended by SCA1 (Speciality Coffee Association) is 1 part coffee to 18 parts water. This amounts to around 56 coffee beans for an average cup which weighs approximately 7 grams of ground coffee (i.e. two tablespoons of ground coffee). For a 500g pack of coffee beans you should get about 70 cups of freshly brewed coffee.

Of course, you don’t want to count out your coffee beans individually to get the perfect coffee-to-water ratio, you can either use coffee scales or kitchen scales.

how many coffee beans per cup

Consider the extraction method

The taste of your freshly brewed morning cup of coffee also depends on the type of extraction. These are the most common brewing methods:


French press (cafetiere) – one of the most common methods that immerses the coffee in water and then manually uses the press


Moka – water is heated on a heat source and automatically permeates the grinds


Espresso – the coffee is extracted under pressure in a machine to produce a strong coffee


Dripping – water is poured over the grinds and the coffee is released through a paper filter using an electric coffee pot.

When choosing a coffee maker to make the finest brew it’s essential to do your research. It’ll be with you for a long time and is an important investment to make your coffee experience a pleasure.

Whether it’s an espresso machine for a concentrated kick, a drip coffee maker for an enhanced flavour, or a French Press for a full-bodied coffee experience, each device gives the final cup its unique characteristics.

Good to know

Did you know that 1st October is International Coffee Day when coffee aficionados celebrate the world of coffee?

Does every method require the same grind size?

As every barista knows, coffee grinding is complex. Each coffee-brewing method requires a specific grind to extract the optimal flavours. The amount of coffee grounds and the ratio of coffee to water can also be different, depending on your personal preference. Here’s a coffee measurement guide for selecting the right grind size:

Extraction method Grind size

French Press – Coarse

Moka Fine – medium

Espresso – Fine

Drip – Medium

Selecting the appropriate grind size for your coffee is crucial to ensure that the fragrant flavours locked within each roasted bean are released during the brewing process.

What’s the best coffee grinder? The question is whether to choose a manual or electric coffee grinder.

If you prefer to have control over the coffee grinding process then a manual grinder is for you. You can decide on the speed and force you use, plus you’re likely to get a more even grind which will produce a distinctive, full-bodied flavour.

Electric coffee grinders are convenient – you just insert the beans and press a button – ideal when you need a caffeine fix fast. You can also choose between the settings to produce the perfect grain size for the extraction method.

how many coffee beans

The material the grinder is made from affects the final grind:

  • Stainless steel : creates an even grind for a smooth-tasting cup of coffee
  • Hardened/treated stainless steel : stronger and longer-lasting than standard stainless steel
  • Ceramic : the burrs (the surfaces that grind the beans) will never need replacing (unlike with stainless steel grinders) but not as sharp as stainless steel. Selecting your favourite extraction method along with working out how many coffee beans per cup lets you craft the perfect coffee, whether you prefer a rich or mellow taste.

3 key points to remember:

  1. Making quality coffee is more than just selecting the type of bean you prefer. It involves choosing the correct device and selecting the appropriate grind.
  2. Knowing how many beans per cup to use is essential for a delicious cup of coffee.
  3. One cup of coffee requires about 7 grams of ground coffee.

Freshly ground coffee making is an art that is easy to master if you understand the quantities and have the right equipment.

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