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Best Gifts for a Successful Secret Santa

Secret Santa: it has almost become a ritual before the discovery of your gifts at the foot of the tree. At work or with friends, you wait every year to surprise and be surprised. But how to vary from the eternal scented candle? We have selected 6 of the most original and caffeinated gift ideas to impress your loved ones.

What is Secret Santa ? 

origine Secret santa

Do you know the story of Secret Santa? Or for the more novice, do you know how it works? From the history of this festival, which is becoming more and more traditional in France, to the rules of the game (because it is a game) and its organisation, we’ll explain everything.

The origin of Secret Santa

We must go to the United States to trace the origins of Secret Santa. Larry Dean Stewart is said to have been the first “Secret Santa”. In the 1970s, he came up with the idea of anonymously giving money to people in need during the Christmas season. These people were unknown to him at the time. How did he come up with the idea? He himself benefited from the generosity of a restaurant owner, who allegedly served him a free breakfast. He had been fired several times before Christmas and had also made a habit of leaving generous tips.  If we go back a little further, we can even find a European relative of Secret Santa. In the Netherlands, for example, Sinterklass is celebrated on 5 December and gifts are given anonymously, based on a draw. Secret Santa goes by several names, depending on the country where it is practiced: 

  • « Kris Kringle » in Ireland
  • « Wichteln » (or « Engerl und Bengerl ») in Germany
  • « Secret Kindle » in Australia 
  • or even « Amigo invisible » in Spain.

How does Secret Santa work?

Originally practised mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries, the concept of Secret Santa is simple.  You draw the name of a colleague or friend and give him or her a gift, within a more or less limited budget. So while you know who you are going to please, you don’t know who is going to give you your present! The gifts are usually opened on the same day and at the same time for all participants.

How to organise a Secret Santa

Here are the main rules: 


Determine together the minimum and/or maximum budget for the gifts that will be offered. This will ensure fairness between the different participants;


Decide whether you will all remain anonymous or whether you will be allowed to reveal your identity at some point;


Agree when the gifts will be exchanged;


Draw lots to decide who you will give your gift to. You will not, however, know who is giving you yours.

Finally, while you are waiting to be surprised by what you are going to receive, all you have to do is use your imagination when choosing a gift. With the help of our selection below, for example.

Selection of small budget gifts for a successful Secret Santa

Traditionally, the minimum and/or maximum budget imposed is quite low. Here is our selection of low-cost gift ideas for a successful Secret Santa.

The Bodum French Press

Since 1944, inspiration and innovation have been the watchwords of the Bodum brand.


Available now
cafetiere a piston bodum chambord

Cafetiere – New Chambord – Bodum (8 cups)

– 8 Cups Capacity (1L)
– Stainless Steel surround
– Borosilicate Glass

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The Bodum milk frother

It’s the essential tool for making creamy, frothy cappuccinos or latte macchiatos for coffee geeks. The Bodum milk frother allows you to froth the milk right in the cup or jug: quick and easy to use.

Available now
chambord bodum

Milk frother – Chambord – Bodum

– Capacity: 15 cl
– Manual milk frother
– Easy cleaning

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Monin syrup mignonette box

Apricot syrup, banana syrup, pumpkin syrup or wild strawberry syrup… Once you taste them, you won’t be able to do without them. The Monin brand has more than a century of know-how and a complete range from syrup to liqueur, including concentrates. This box contains 5 gourmet flavours in miniatures. It is the perfect way to introduce the French family firm to the person for whom it is intended.

Available now

Discovery pack – 5 Mini Syrup Bottles – Monin

– Discovery pack
– Capacity per bottle : 5 cl
– Caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, gingerbread, amaretto

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The Pylano mug

The Pylano brand, specialist in tableware, offers trendy products for all occasions. From the Italian coffee maker, to the piston coffee maker, to the double-walled glasses, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The new addition to the range is the Terra mug with its pure design for enjoying all your coffee drinks.

Available now
Mugs - Pylano - Terra (33cl)

Mugs – Terra – Pylano (33cl)

– Capacity: 33 cl
– Made of ceramic
– Beverage: tea, long coffee…

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Pylano moka pot

To complete the collection, why not turn to the Pylano Italian coffee maker, which we mentioned earlier? Once again, the brand has made a name for itself with its sleek design and ease of use. For novices and ground coffee lovers alike.

Available now
Pylano Duna

Italian Moka Pot – Duna – Pylano (12 cups)

– Medium price range
– All heat sources except induction
– 600ml capacity (12 small cups)
– Handle away enough from the body of the moka pot so you do not burn yourself

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The hardest thing now is to choose! Have you found a gift from this list for a Secret Santa with colleagues or friends? This selection is also perfect if you are simply on a tighter budget. And while you’re waiting for the festive season, don’t hesitate to discover our other perfect coffee products to give or to keep for yourself.

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