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The best 2022 tea advent calendars for the most sophisticated

The tea advent calendar is a ritual! Every year we look forward to it! Its 24 little boxes, filled with teas and infusions, lead us deliciously and patiently to Christmas. This year, the great tea houses have created some magnificent calendars. We have selected 10 of the most beautiful, most famous and most original. Let yourself be carried away until the end of December by the green teas, white teas, black teas or herbal teas that make up our calendars.

Discover our 2022 tea advent calendars: the classics

Dammann Frères

Calendrier de l'avent Dammann Freres

Dammann Frères, a great name in tea since 1692 and an absolute reference for many tea lovers, needs no introduction.

This year, the brand offers us a shimmering, but above all magical, tea advent calendar that instantly transports us into the Christmas dream.

Each day, discover a different tea or herbal tea. The great classics such as Christmas Tea or Earl Grey are of course present, as well as more original recipes such as the Mysterious Blend. You’ll even find new recipes such as My Panettone or Blackcurrant and Mint Carcadet, which promise sweet moments of enjoyment.

All the teas of the Dammann Advent Calendar are available on our website, if you wish to prolong the tea moment after having finished your calendar!

The characteristics of the Dammann Frères advent calendar: 

  • 25 Cristal bags
  • Teas and infusions
  • Limited Edition


Palais des Thés

calendrier de l'avent palais des thes

Palais des Thés is the 2nd essential of our selection. This French brand, committed to the environment and fair trade, offers a beautiful advent calendar each year, as refined visually as it is in taste.

This year, the calendar takes us to the middle of a forest of glittering Christmas trees, in a style that is both modern and full of poetry.

Throughout the month of December, discover fragrant tea creations, exceptional teas of origin or infusions rich in benefits. The individual tea bags come in a hand-sewn cotton muslin and are accompanied by a daily inspirational quote. A wonderful way to look forward to Christmas and discover new, carefully selected teas or infusions.

The characteristics of the Palais des Thés advent calendar: 

  • 25 muslin bags
  • Teas and infusions
  • Limited Edition

Discover our 2022 tea advent calendars: the originals

Compagnie Coloniale

Calendrier de l'avent compagnie coloniale

Here is an unusual advent calendar! Indeed, Compagnie Coloniale, the oldest French tea brand, has created a box in relief, just like a traditional Christmas toy. Here, there are no little doors to open, but rather small removable cubes that house tea bags. You’ll love it!

Brew your teas with the famous Berlingo® tea bags, and enjoy the best of teas from great origins.

The characteristics of the Compagnie Coloniale advent calendar: 

  • 24 Berlingo® tea and herbal tea bags
  • Made in France
  • Limited edition

Comptoir Français du Thé

Calendrier de l'avent Comptoir francais du the

For 25 years, Comptoir Français du Thé has been offering us quality teas and is now one of the recognised players in the world of tea.

Every year, the brand offers us an original tea advent calendar, and this year is no exception. Gone are the classic Christmas codes and in place… Santa’s Tour de France! A new gift idea, made in France and which allows you to (re)discover the most delicious recipes created by the brand.

The characteristics of the Comptoir Français du Thé advent calendar: 

  • 24 tea and infusion recipes
  • Made in France
  • Limited edition


George Cannon

Calendrier de l'avent Georges Cannon

Do you know the House of George Cannon? Long unknown to the general public, it is now a figure that brings together more than 500 original teas and numerous flavoured teas that delight the greatest amateurs.

Based in Paris, the historically Franco-British brand offers a tea advent calendar adorned with a superb constellation, enough to put our heads in the stars! Wait until Christmas by opening each day one of the 25 boxes behind which are hidden emblematic recipes.

The characteristics of the George Cannon Advent Calendar: 

  • 25 individual bags
  • Teas and infusions
  • Limited edition


Calendrier de l'avent laGrange the

The first advent calendar to offer loose tea! Made of small recyclable pots, the calendar of the laGrange brand, a traditional herbal tea factory located in Haute-Saône, is original in its content and form. Presented as a book to be opened, it contains 24 small boxes ready to be brewed.

The characteristics of the laGrange Advent calendar: 

  • 24 boxes of loose teas
  • From organic farming
  • Limited edition


Discover our 2022 tea advent calendars: the organic ones

English Tea Shop

Calendrier de l'avent English Tea Shop bio

The English Tea Shop is spoiling us this year with two calendars with a resolutely British style. The English brand offers a selection of top-of-the-range teas from organic farming and fair trade.

This year again, the English Tea Shop offers us the choice between 2 tea advent calendars: will you prefer an English-style cup or a triangle to be placed like a frame? In both cases, 25 gustatory surprises with 13 flavours are waiting for you and promise you delicious moments of tasting while waiting for Christmas…

 The characteristics of the English Tea Shop Red advent calendar:

  • 25 tea and infusion bags
  • From organic farming
  • So British

Calendrier de l'avent bio english tea shop

The characteristics of the English Tea Shop Triangle Advent Calendar:

  • 25 tea and infusion bags
  • From organic farming
  • Modern design



Calendrier de l'avent Pukka

Pukka is a brand committed to the well-being of everyone and to the respect of the planet through the marketing of organic and fair trade products.

With its Christmas tree colours, the 2022 advent calendar unfolds and becomes a real ornament full of colours.

Discover part of the range with teas such as Matcha green tea, Blackcurrant Secret, Three Ginger and Three Fennel. Truly original recipes that are worth tasting!

The characteristics of the Pukka advent calendar :

  • 24 tea and infusion bags
  • From organic farming and fair trade
  • Responsible consumption
  • Spicy and gourmet flavours


Kusmi Tea

Calendrier de l'avent Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea and its colourful world is now a must! The teas and infusions are organic and the products are developed in France.

This year, Kusmi Tea is giving us an eyeful and taking us on its Carrousel Féérique! The originality, in addition to a colourful and warm triptych packaging? Accessories available in addition to the tea bags. A complete and well-equipped tasting experience to accompany the arrival of Christmas.

The characteristics of the Kusmi Tea advent calendar:

  • 22 tea and infusion bags
  • From organic farming
  • Beautiful accessories

You are now well informed about the best tea advent calendars of 2022. Now the hardest part will be choosing! In the meantime, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

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