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herbal tea

The herbal tea revival!

Herbal tea is making a strong comeback this year! All of a sudden, these healthy hot drinks (also known as ‘infusions’ or ’tisanes’) are more popular than ever. Having shaken off its reputation for being a beverage for elderly, herbal tea is now making a real hit with the younger generation.

Once consumed mainly for its medicinal benefits, the flavours of herbal teas  leaved a bit to be desired. Nowadays, it is still known for its soothing, energising and detoxifying qualities (to name but a few), but is also winning over new converts because it simply tastes great. There’s no need to add sugar either: drinking herbal tea is like going back to nature!

Herbal tea under the microscope…

Herbal tea is a drink obtained by the maceration, decoction or infusion (hence its alternative name) of plants (flowers, leaves, roots or stems). The original aim of this infusion was to extract the plant’s active substances. This often resulted in a drawn-out maceration process and a somewhat bitter taste, particularly in the case of verbena tea. These days, a shorter infusion time (between 4 and 5 minutes) is all you need to extract the plant’s flavours and active substances. Herbal tea can be brewed and enjoyed either hot or cold, it makes a delicious and refreshing drink all year round. On top of that, herbal teas really do contain medicinal qualities which help with your everyday aches and pains. You must therefore always remember to put the lid on your teapot or cup during the infusion time so you can stop the active substances (and all their goodness) from evaporating away. Since they contain neither caffeine nor tannin, herbal teas can be drunk by the young and elderly alike. Experts even recommend replacing a cup of coffee or two with herbal tea (particularly if you’re a big coffee drinker!).

Why is herbal tea good for you?

As we’ve seen, herbal teas can have a lot of benefits. Depending on their blend and composition. They can either be a great pick-me-up or have quite the opposite (soothing) effect. Better still, herbal teas can help you sleep better and even loose weight! Each herbal tea comes with its own health benefits. No matter what your personal ailment may be, there’s one for you: from well-known options such as chamomile, verbena or linden, to more audacious blends like apple-mint or lemongrass, ginger, citrus. MaxiCoffee offers a wide range of herbal teas & infusions to suit everyone!

Find our full range of herbal teas at You will find sachets but also loose leaf options. Then put the kettle on, sit back and let yourself drift away, savouring a moment that you can repeat as many times as you like throughout the day, entirely guilt-free.