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Top 5 Best Coffee Drippers

Do you want to wake up to a barista-worthy cup, crafted exactly to your taste, every morning? A good coffee dripper is all you need. The secret to a smooth, flavourful coffee lies not just in the beans, but in the brewing method, and coffee drippers might just prove to be the perfect method for you. If you like your coffee-making process to be as simple as possible, this could be the perfect fit. Here is what to look out for when choosing your coffee dripper and our top choices for a reliable, customisable cup of black coffee.

Origins and History of the Coffee Dripper

Coffee-making was pretty rough before the dripper showed up. Metal filters did a poor job separating coffee grounds from the final beverage, resulting in a bitter, sediment-laden brew. This was the case for coffee pioneer Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz in 1908. Frustrated by the harsh taste and mess, Melitta, a housewife in Germany, decided to take matters into her own hands. Her solution was as simple as it was brilliant: she punched holes in a brass pot and used her son’s blotting paper as a filter. This rudimentary prototype laid the foundation for the Melitta filter, the first commercially successful paper filter, and the cornerstone of modern pour-over brewing.

Melitta’s innovation sparked a revolution in coffee. The dripper, initially a simple cone with a filter, evolved into a diverse range of designs. The iconic Hario V60, with its swirling ribs, emerged to promote even water flow rate and extraction. These advancements, and many more, continue to push the boundaries of pour-over coffee, allowing coffee lovers to unlock the full potential of their favourite beans.

What Is A Coffee Dripper?

Before we dive into our selection, let’s first take a closer look at what coffee drippers are. Following the pour-over brewing method, coffee drippers are deceptively simple devices that unlock the potential for great coffee experiences. In short, it’s a brewing tool that allows hot water to gently saturate coffee grounds and then filters the resulting brew into a carafe or cup.

coffee dripper

The dripper itself has two key components:

  • Filter cone: This is the workhorse, holding the coffee grounds during the brewing process. Its design plays a crucial role in water flow and ultimately, the extraction of flavours from the grounds. Different drippers have varied cone shapes (e.g., V-shaped, flat-bottomed) that influence how water interacts with the coffee, leading to distinct taste profiles in the final cup.
  • Brewer stand/base: This seemingly simple element serves a vital purpose. It securely holds the filter cone in place over your chosen carafe or cup, ensuring proper drainage and preventing overflows. Stands come in various materials and styles, offering stability and contributing to the overall aesthetics of your coffee setup.

How To Choose A Coffee Dripper?


Brew Style Preference

Did you know that different drippers can influence the final taste of your coffee? The magic lies in the design of the filter cone and how it interacts with water flow.

    • For a clean, bright cup, opt for a dripper with a thick glass carafe and a small dripper that promotes even extraction.
    • If you seek a balanced and flavourful brew, a dripper with a wider, flat bottom and central hole. These require a specific pouring technique but reward patient brewers with a more nuanced cup.


The various materials used for drippers can also impact the brewing experience.

    • Ceramic and glass: These materials are known for their excellent heat retention, which can be beneficial for maintaining consistent water temperature during brewing. They also tend to have a more classic and sophisticated look.
    • Plastic: Lightweight and often more affordable, plastic drippers are a good choice for portability. However, they may not retain heat as well as other materials.
    • Metal: Less common but gaining popularity, metal drippers offer a unique aesthetic and can be very durable. However, some find that metal can impart a slightly metallic taste to the coffee.

Size and Capacity

How many cups do you typically brew? Choose a dripper with a filter cone size and carafe compatibility that matches your needs. Most drippers come in various sizes, from single-serve to multi-cup options.


Ease of Use 

While pour-over coffee makers offer more control, some drippers require a bit more finesse than others. For beginners, a dripper with a simpler cone design might be easier to master. Others require a specific pouring technique to achieve optimal results.



Don’t underestimate the visual appeal of your dripper! Drippers come in a wide range of styles and colours. Choose one that complements your coffee setup and brewing experience.

Pros & cons of coffee drippers


  • Control over the brewing process: Unlike automatic brewers, drippers give you complete control over water flow rate and extraction time. This allows you to fine-tune the brewing process to your taste preference.
  • Clean cup: Coffee filters remove coffee grounds from the final beverage, ensuring a smooth and sediment-free brew. 
  • Relatively simple to use: Mastering the pour-over technique takes very little practice as the basic concept is straightforward. 
  • Portable: Many drippers are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for travel or enjoying a delicious cup on the go.


  • Requires more attention: Unlike setting and forgetting with an automatic brewer, pour-over coffee brewing demands active participation. You’ll need to focus on water temperature, pouring technique, and timing for optimal results.
  • Not ideal for large quantities: Drippers are typically designed for brewing individual cups or small carafes. If you need to brew coffee for a crowd, a different brewing method might be better suited.
  • Breaking fragile materials: Glass and ceramic drippers, while aesthetically pleasing, require more care to avoid accidental breakage.

Ultimately, the decision to embrace the pour-over method comes down to your priorities and preferences. If you value a customised and flavourful cup of coffee and are willing to invest some time and attention, a coffee dripper might be your perfect brewing companion.

dripper coffee v60

How we created this list

For over two decades, MaxiCoffee has been a trusted source for coffee enthusiasts, offering a vast selection of beans, brewing equipment, and expertise. This deep understanding of the coffee world extends to the art of pour-over brewing.

To curate this list of the top 5 coffee drippers, we prioritised factors that enhance the pour-over experience:

  • Versatility and Control: We evaluated how each dripper’s design allows for adjustments in brewing technique to achieve different flavour profiles.
  • Ease of Use: While some drippers offer more nuanced control, we considered how user-friendly each option is, especially for beginners venturing into pour-over coffee.
  • Material and Build Quality: Durability and heat retention were key factors. We explored drippers crafted from various materials (ceramic, glass, plastic, metal) and assessed their impact on brewing consistency and longevity.
  • Aesthetics: We considered the style and design of each dripper, ensuring our selection offers options to complement any coffee setup.

Beyond our own evaluations, we incorporated valuable insights from customer reviews and feedback from coffee experts. We believe this list, informed by MaxiCoffee’s experience and commitment to quality, provides a valuable resource for selecting the perfect coffee dripper to elevate your daily cup.

Our Selection Of The Top 5 Coffee Drippers

Hario V60 4-cup Glass & Wood Coffee Dripper

The Hario V60 4-cup Coffee Dripper VDG-02 combines elegance and functionality, featuring a clear, heat-resistant glass dripper paired with a stunning olive wood base. Its spiral ridges and precise 60-degree angle ensure a perfect extraction for rich, flavourful coffee every time. Ideal for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate both style and performance.

Available now
hario conical dripper

Dripper – V60 VDC-02 White – Hario (2 to 4 cups)

-Conical dripper with spiral grooves
-For 50cl

See the product

Hario V60 4-cup White Ceramic Coffee Dripper

This is a classic choice for coffee lovers. The ceramic Hario V60 is designed to brew up to 4 cups of rich, aromatic coffee. Its iconic conical shape and spiral ridges ensure optimal extraction, delivering a smooth, flavourful cup every time. Perfect for those who value simplicity and quality in their coffee brewing.

Available now
dripper hario

Dripper – V60 VDG-02 – Hario (4 cups)

-Conical dripper with spiral grooves
-Glass and olive wood
-For 50cl

See the product

Origami Porcelain Red Dripper with Loveramics Holder

The Origami Dripper is a stylish and functional addition to any coffee enthusiast’s collection. Crafted from high-quality Mino Ware porcelain, this Japanese-made dripper boasts a vibrant red design inspired by traditional origami. Its vertical ribs ensure perfect extraction speed for a rich, aromatic brew. Paired with a sleek Loveramics black stainless steel stand, it’s ideal for brewing up to 50cl of coffee, making 2 to 4 cups of exceptional slow coffee.

Available now
dripper origami

Dripper – Red Mino porcelain – Origami

-conical dripper
-Made of porcelain and acacia wood

See the product

Hario Switch V60 Immersion Dripper

This dripper offers precise control over your coffee extraction, allowing you to adjust the flow and timing to develop your preferred level of aroma and bitterness. This innovative dripper features a seal at the base to contain the coffee during immersion, ensuring a rich, flavourful brew. Simply press the side switch to release the coffee into your cup when ready.

Available now
dripper hario

Dripper – Immersion switch – Hario

– Heatproof glass bowl
– 20cl / 2 cups
– In glass and plastic

See the product

Clever Dripper 4-cup Start/Stop

The Clever Dripper combines the best elements of the French press and the filter drip brewing method. With French press brewing, you can manage the steeping time, but it often results in heat loss and sediment in your cup. Using a paper filter is convenient but lacks control over the steeping time since the coffee starts draining immediately. The Clever Coffee Dripper resolves this by incorporating a stopper in the filter cone, allowing you to control the steeping time while ensuring a sediment-free cup. It is an ideal solution for coffee lovers who like the drip method but want more control. 

Available now
dripper clever

Dripper – Clever (4 cups)

BPA-free plastic
For 50 cl / 4 cups
Use Melitta-type paper filters

See the product

There you go, now you know everything about coffee drippers and the best options you can choose. If you want to take a look at a few more drippers, find our full selection here.

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