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Top 5 of the Best Mild Coffee Beans

Coffee can be consumed in different ways. Some people prefer it strong and full-bodied, while others like it smooth and mild. For those who prefer a gentler taste, mild coffee beans can be a great option. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of mild coffee beans, what makes them unique, and how to choose the right ones for your taste.

What are mild coffee beans ?


Coffees are classified according to their degree of roast. The roasting process is really important in coffee making, and affects the final taste of your cup. Mild coffee beans are usually light roast or medium roast coffee beans that tend to be more acidic, with citrus or floral aroma or smooth and chocolatey for medium roasts. With their subtle and delicate flavours, these beans offer a smooth experience. These coffee beans are often grown in regions with milder climates or at higher elevations where the beans are less prone to develop bitterness. Brazil, for instance, is known for its high-quality Arabica beans that have a mild, balanced taste, ideal for brewing espresso. 

How to choose your right mild coffee beans ? 

When choosing mild coffee beans, there are several factors to keep in mind.  


Consider the origin of the coffee beans. Countries like Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia are known for producing mild coffee beans. 


Look at the roasting level. Lighter roasts typically highlight the natural flavours of the beans, while dark roast coffee beans have a more intense flavour profile.  


Think about the brewing method. If you plan on using a filter method such as a drip coffee maker or a pour-over, opt for a medium grind of mild coffee beans. If you’re using a Moka pot  or an espresso machine, select beans that are more finely ground.

Our selection of the TOP 5 best mild coffee beans

Cafés Lugat Organic Coffee Beans Moka Nekemte – 250g

These mild coffee beans from Western Ethiopia are hand- roasted in France. They have floral and fruity notes with lemon zest. These beans are certified organic and Fairtrade.

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Café en grains Moka Nekemte Cafés Lugat

Coffee beans – Moka Nekemte – Cafés Lugat (250 g)

– Floral and fruity notes
– 100% Organic Arabica
– Rich & sweet and citrus aroma

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The barn – La Esperanza – 250g

These 100% Arabica coffee beans are produced in Guatemala and roasted in Germany. This pure origin coffee is a blend of Caturra and Bourbon beans varieties. 

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the barn la esperanza

Coffee beans – La Esperanza – The Barn (250g)

– Origin Guatemala
– Notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, cranberry and red plum
– Pure origin

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Cafés Lugat Specialty Coffee Beans Sakura Blend – 250g 

This blend is a blend of beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Panama. These coffee beans are hand- roasted in France, and have floral notes or jasmine and fruity notes of candied lemon.

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café de spécialité

Coffee beans – Sakura Blend – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Notes: jasmine, candied lemon, roasted almond
– Origin: blend
– Packaging: 250g pack

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Café Mokxa Organic Coffee Beans Guatemala Quetzalito – 250g 


These beans are from the Guatemalan region of Quetzaltenango. Theese beans offer a smooth and medium-bodied taste with notes of milk chocolate and a spicy aroma. The beans are certified organic and Fairtrade.

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cafe en grain mokxa

Coffee beans – Guatemala Quetzalito – Mokxa (250g)

– Notes of milk chocolate
– Roasted in France
– Rich & sweet and spices aroma

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Cafés Tchanqué Le Yulima Organic Coffee Beans – 250g 

This coffee is from the Yulima region of Colombia and roasted in France. These coffee beans are full-bodied with notes of praline and roasted hazelnut. The beans are organic and certified Fairtrade.

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yulima café grains la bohème

Coffee beans – Le Yulima – Café Tchanqué (250g)

– Rich & Sweet and Herb-like aroma
– Organic coffee
– 100% Arabica from Colombia

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Mild coffee beans are roasted to bring out their natural flavours, providing a delightful coffee experience. Remember to choose your mild coffee beans based on your preference, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different roasts, brewing methods and tasting notes to find your perfect cup of coffee.