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TOP 5 of the best strong coffee beans

There’s nothing quite like a strong cup of coffee to get your day started or provide that necessary pick-me-up in the afternoon. But, not all coffee beans are created equal when it comes to strength. If you are looking for strong coffee beans, you’re probably looking for a high caffeine level, a distinctive boldness in the cup and the flavours of a dark roasted coffee. If you are not familiar with strong coffee beans and you want to learn more about it, grab your favourite cup and let’s get started. 

What Does Strong Coffee Beans Means?

When we talk about strong coffee beans we generally refer to a high caffeine level and to intense aromas which are all found in dark-roasted coffees.

Dark Roast Coffees and Robusta Blends

Italian style roasted coffees, or what we commonly call Italian coffees are dark roasted coffees. These dark to very dark roasts bring out rich, sweet, toasty and bitter flavours. These strong flavours are also enhanced by the use of Robusta beans that are known to contain more caffeine than Arabica beans enhancing the bitterness in the cup. They are therefore highly sought after for the caffeine kick they can provide!

The majority of strong coffee beans are made of Arabica/Robusta blends or 100% Robusta blends. Robusta beans are cultivated in various regions around the world but mostly in Vietnam, India and Colombia allowing for a diversity in flavours and intensity.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the world’s strongest coffees are made of dark roasted Robusta blends.

Looking for More Caffeine?

Finally, strong coffee beans can not only refer to the roast colour or the type of beans used but also the brewing method. Indeed, we tend to associate espresso and ristretto shots as the best way to obtain the strongest cup of coffee but that all depends on what we mean by strong. 

Strongest in intensity and bitterness? Sure – but if we refer to the amounts of caffeine in the cup, a mug of cafetière coffee or pour-over coffee will be stronger in caffeine than an espresso. The longer the brew the stronger in caffeine it becomes. That’s why Cold Brew coffee (typically brewed for at least 4 to 12 hours) is one of the best brewing methods to end up with a high caffeine content.

Choosing Your Strong Coffee Beans

Choosing the right coffee beans can be tricky. So here is a quick guide to help you out.


Choose Your Roast. The roast of your coffee beans affects their flavour, aroma, and acidity. When it comes to strong coffee, it’s best to go with a darker roast. However, if you don’t like the bitterness of dark roasts, you can opt for medium roasted coffee for a better balance.


Pick the Origin. The coffee beans’ origin directly impacts their taste. Coffee beans that come from different regions, plantations, even crops can have distinct flavours. For strong coffee beans, you might want to look for Robusta beans from South America, Asia or South-East Asia. For 100% Arabica blend, South America is a better choice as it is more likely to offer rich and sweet notes rather than fruity and floral notes.


Decide on Your Brewing Method. Espresso for intensity or filter methods for more caffeine and flavours? Choose wisely and enjoy the process of finding out the best brew for the perfect cup of strong coffee.

Our TOP 5 of the Best Strong Coffee Beans

Perléo Espresso Coffee Beans Espresso Bar – 250g 

This coffee is made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, hand-picked from plantations in South America and Asia. It is a great balance of sweetness and bitterness. This Italian roast offers notes of cinnamon and cocoa. 

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café en grains perleo

Coffee beans – Bar – Perleo Espressso (250g)

– Rich & sweet and spices aroma
– 85% Arabica 15% Robusta
– Roasted in Italy

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Le Piantagioni Del Caffè Samaria Coffee Beans – 250g 


This Specialty coffee comes from Brazil and is roasted in Italy. This coffee offers a unique flavour profile characterised by citrus notes with a hint of spices.

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café en grains samaria

Coffee beans – Samaria – Le Piantagioni Del Caffè (250g)

– Origin : Colombia
– Mayan farming technique
– Pure origin

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Delta Coffee Beans Fairtrade – 500g 


Delta Coffee Beans are sourced responsibly from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. You can taste the wooded notes, dry fruit and chocolate in every cup. The beans are certified Fairtrade.

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café en grains delta fairtrade

Coffee beans – Fairtrade – Delta (500g)

– Origines : South and central America, Africa and Asia
– Fairtrade certified
– Roasted in Portugal

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Cosmai Caffè The Brave Coffee Beans – 250g 


This coffee blend is 40% Arabica & 60% Robusta from Brazil, India, Guatemala and Tanzania. It has rich and sweet notes of caramel and vanilla as well as cinnamon.  

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café en gr

Coffee beans – The brave – Cosmai Caffè (250g)

– Origines : Brazil, India, Guatemala and Tanzania
– Roasted in Italy
– Rich & sweet and spices notes

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Perléo Espresso Coffee Beans Grand Arabica Blend – 250g 

This blend is made of Central and South America coffee beans. The aroma is rich and sweet, with woody flavours. Enjoy notes of cocoa, vanilla and beech wood notes in your cup. 

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café en grains gran arabica perleo

Coffee beans – Gran Arabica – Perléo Espresso (250g)

– Rich & sweet and woody aroma
– Cocoa, vanilla and beech wood notes
– 100% Arabica

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Remember, coffee is a matter of personal taste, so feel free to experiment and find the right brew with the right beans that suits your preferences. Whether you like bold and strong coffee or a mild and fruity one, there’s a perfect cup of coffee out there waiting for you!