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Top 10: The Best Ground Coffee for Espresso Machines

There are dozens of different types of ground coffee, but when it comes to the perfect cup of espresso, only a select few truly stand out. Whether you’re an ardent coffee lover or a skilled barista, you know that a perfect cup of espresso starts with the finest ground coffee. 

We have curated a list of the very best ground coffees we have on offer, carefully selected to unlock the full potential of your espresso machine. Whether you prefer a full-bodied coffee with notes of dark chocolate, a more delicate espresso, with a tangy aroma, or anything in between, we’ve got the coffee that will suit your needs.


café moulu - filtre

Deciding on the perfect ground coffee involves considering several essential factors tailored to your preferences and needs. First and foremost, define the type of coffee you prefer – do you favour the allure of Italian espresso or the finesse of French coffee?

Next, take into account your coffee equipment. Whether you possess an espresso machine, a French press, a Moka Pot or an automatic filter coffee machine, your choice of ground coffee should complement your specific brewing method.

For seasoned coffee enthusiasts, your taste profile matters. Do you prefer the bold intensity of a full-bodied brew or the gentle notes of a milder, lighter cup? Our selection’s descriptions will guide you in finding the ideal match for your palate.

Budget is a significant consideration as well, as not all coffees come at the same price point. Furthermore, your coffee consumption frequency plays a crucial role in determining the most suitable packaging. If you indulge infrequently, an airtight container preserves freshness over time. On the contrary, if you’re an avid coffee consumer, a resealable coffee packet ensures convenience and freshness for your daily indulgence.


Ease of preparation: Enjoy Your Coffee in No Time

Ground coffee offers the ultimate convenience, requiring only four simple steps to indulge in your perfect cup. Just select the ideal coffee blend for your taste, measure out the desired quantity, brew, and savour the flavours at your leisure.

Minimal Equipment Required

When opting for ground coffee, you can select a grind that suits your specific coffee maker. The grind is expertly matched to your machine, eliminating the need for adjustments to your extraction method or grinder. This means you can bypass the extra costs associated with acquiring additional equipment like grinders or paper filters.

Suitable for Various Brewing Methods

With a range of coffee brands, such as Cafés Lugat, offering specialised grinds, you can rest assured that your ground coffee aligns perfectly with your preferred coffee-making method. Whether you rely on an espresso machine, Italian Moka Pot, or filter coffee machine, there’s a ready-to-use grind tailored to enhance your chosen brewing process.


Comparatively Reduced Aromatic Richness

As the name suggests, ground coffee is pre-processed, which, while convenient, comes with a trade-off. The coffee may lack the same aromatic complexity found in freshly ground beans. Opting for coffee beans that you can grind on-demand can deliver a more flavourful and aromatic experience.

More Complex Preservation

Once ground, coffee rapidly releases CO2 and loses its aromatic oils. To preserve its quality, ground coffee requires careful handling, avoiding exposure to light, extreme temperatures, and humidity. Investing in proper storage, such as airtight tins, becomes crucial to maintain its freshness.

Varying Grain Size Depending on the Brewing Method Used

Choosing the right grind size is vital for achieving the perfect cup of coffee. Depending on your coffee maker, be cautious not to mistake the grind size, as using the wrong grind size could result in unsatisfactory coffee. Finding the right balance between flour-like, fine salt, powdered sugar-like grinds, and more is key to success.


At MaxiCoffee, we’re committed to offering you a wide choice of ground coffees to suit your tastes and desires. Italian coffee, flavoured coffee, organic coffee, light roast, dark roast,  roasted in France, from major brands or small roasters… There’s something for everyone! But always with a focus on high quality. Our list of Top 10 coffees includes some of our best-sellers, so it’s up to you to choose the one that’s right for you!

Flavoured ground coffee

Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee – Les Petits Torréfacteurs

We’ve fallen in love with this hazelnut-flavoured 100% Arabica coffee! Anyone who wants a gentle introduction to coffee will be delighted by this amazing coffee, roasted in France by exceptional artisan roasters.

Available now
Torréfacteurs - Café moulu - Noisette - 250g

Ground coffee – Hazelnut flavoured – Les petits torréfacteurs (250g)

– Hazelnut flavoured coffee
– Not sweetened
– Roasted in France

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Best espresso ground coffee

The Seasonal Blend – Cafés Lugat

This 100% Arabica blend from Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Colombia has been specially blended and roasted to make an exceptional espresso. Its luscious chocolate notes are balanced with fresher citrus hints, creating a blend that is both lively and velvety. 


This coffee’s medium roast preserves the expression of its origins while adding a slightly acidic freshness for a lively cup.

Available now
cafe moulu cafes lugat

Ground coffee – Seasonal Blend – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Citrus and Chocolate notes
– 100% Arabica from Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Colombia
– 250g pack

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Decaffeinated organic ground coffee

Sueño Water-Decaffeinated – Cafés Lugat

Are you looking for a decaffeinated coffee with sweet, delicious notes? Sueño from Cafés Lugat is organically grown and decaffeinated without solvents. Its notes of spices and speculoos make for a coffee cup full of sweetness. 


This coffee has the Label Coffee designation, which certifies a superior quality coffee from a specific growing region

Available now
café de spécialité décaféiné

Ground Coffee – Sueño Water Decaffeinated – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Intensity: mild coffee
– Origin: label coffee
– Packaging: 250 g pack

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Nativo 100% Arabica – Goppion Caffè

Nativo decaffeinated organic ground coffee is ideal for making a great espresso. Thanks to its airtight packaging, it keeps well and for long periods of time. Its advanced roasting will delight fans of Italian coffees. 


The decaffeination process is natural and has no impact on health.

Available now
Café moulu - décaféiné - nativo - Goppion

Ground coffee decaffeinated – Nativo 100% Arabica – Goppion Caffè (250g)

– Decaffeinated without solvents
– Arabica from Central America
– Organic & Fairtrade coffee

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Ground coffee for filter coffee makers

House Blend – Cafés Lugat

This is a Cafés Lugat bestseller! This blend of high-quality Arabicas offers fruity citrus notes full of freshness and liveliness. Roasted in France, this specialty coffee blend is perfectly suited to use in your filter coffee maker.

Available now
cafe moulu cafes lugat blend

Ground coffee – House Blend – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Fruity notes, citrus
– 100% Arabica from Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Colombia
– Artisanally roasted in France

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Ground coffee blend

Arabica Antica Bottega – Caffè Vergnano

This blend of Arabicas is ideal for making an espresso or a ristretto, but also for coffee made with an Italian coffee maker. Its gourmet notes of praline and roasted almonds make for a very seductive cup, while its dark roast gives it a very pronounced bitterness.

Available now
cafe moulu caffe vergnano

Ground Coffee – Antica Bottega – Caffè Vergnano (250g)

– Notes of praline and roasted almond
– 100% Arabica
– Italian coffee

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Italian ground coffee

Aroma Gold 100% Arabica – Kimbo

Lovers of intense, richly flavoured espressos will be delighted by this 100% Arabica blend roasted the Italian way by the emblematic Neapolitan coffee brand Kimbo. With a smooth, pleasant body, a hint of acidity and a delicate aroma, Aroma Gold is probably the best ground coffee for espresso.

Available now
cafe moulu kimbo

Ground Coffee – Aroma Gold 100% Arabica – Kimbo (250g)

– Balanced coffee with tantalising aroma
– 100% Arabica
– Roasted in Italy

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Antico Aroma – Zicaffè

Zicaffè has been producing traditional coffees in Sicily for over 80 years. Antico Aroma is a blend of washed Arabica and Robusta. Washed coffee is a coffee made exclusively from ripe fruit and prepared in such a way as to ensure better quality. 


In this blend, you’ll find particularly intense and persistent flavours.

Available now
Zicaffe - Café moulu - Antico aroma - 250g

Ground coffee – Antico Aroma – Zicaffè (250g)

– 80% Arabica 20% Robusta
– Coffee with floral notes
– Roasted in Italy

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Organic ground coffee

Altura – Cafés Lugat

This Peruvian coffee that is roasted in France is a blend of organic Arabicas offering a smooth taste. The smell is delicious, with intense notes of cocoa. The palate is balanced, with discreet notes of hazelnut. The whole is smooth and syrupy, with a long finish.

Available now
cafe moulu cafes lugat bio

Ground coffee – Altura – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Notes if cocoa, hazelnut and caramel
– Caturra, bourbon typica from Perou
– Universal grind

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Arabica – Robusta organic ground coffee

Natura – Miscela d’Oro

This blend of Arabica and Robusta, roasted in Italy, makes fantastic espressos. It has a smooth flavour, but a full-bodied intensity. It is organically grown and Fair Trade certified.

Available now
cafe moulu miscela d'oro

Ground coffee – Natura – Miscela d’Oro (250g)

– Organic and Fairtrade coffee
– Arabica and Robusta from South America and Asia
– Italian Roast

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With a delightful array of options, including organic, Italian, decaffeinated, and flavoured ground coffee, preparing your perfect cup has never been easier or more enjoyable! Ground coffee is easy to prepare and requires very little equipment. So, the next time you make coffee at home, which one will you use? If you’re eager to dive deeper into the world of ground coffee, our website holds a treasure trove of even more choices waiting to be uncovered.

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