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The Best of 2023: 5 new coffees to try out now!

Do you ever get the urge to try something different when it comes to your daily cup of coffee? Some different, new coffees, perhaps? Do you feel like your current choice has given you all it has to offer? If so, there’s a vast and varied world of coffee beans out there. So to help you along the way, I’ve tasted a whole host of new products and have narrowed them down to the ones you should try out right away! Without further ado, here are my top 5 new coffee beans of 2023! 

1 – Green Lion Coffee – The original Coffee beans

Green Lion Coffee is a organic coffee beans that are grown with respect for the environment and biodiversity. This 100% Arabica is shipped by sailboat, and roasted in France in the purest tradition. It is a great choice if you want to try medium roasted coffee beans, with ethical and environmental consciousness.

Available now
café en grain green lion l'original 1kg

Coffee beans – The original – Green Lion (1kg)

– Notes of Toasted Bread and Caramel
– Certified Organic & Fairtrade
– Roasted in France

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2 – La Bohème Café Espresso Bohème

La bohème espresso beans are sourced from Brazil and Central America, ensuring a balanced flavor with a hint of chocolatey notes. The espresso has a silky texture and a pleasant aroma.

Available now

Coffee beans – Espresson Bohème – La bohème Café (226g)

– Notes of Milk Chocolate, Cherries & Jasmine
– Roasted in Czech Republic
– Medium Roast

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3 – Terres de café The Forest

This coffee is a must-try for those who crave unique flavors. The beans are sourced from Ethiopia and are roasted using a traditional craft method. The result is a coffee with a red berries profile that has a slight acidity and sweetness to it.

Available now
Café en grains terres de café the forrest

Coffee beans – The forest – Terres de café (250g)

– Notes of Sweet Spices, Chocolate & Praline
– Origins : South america and Ethiopia
– Red berries and woody notes

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4 – The Barn La Esperanza

These beans are sourced from Guatemala and hand-roasted in Germany. This specialty coffee is a 100% Arabica, with a blend of Caturra and Bourbon varieties. Its red berries notes are balanced by a taste of white chocolate and vanilla.

Available now
the barn la esperanza

Coffee beans – La Esperanza – The Barn (250g)

– Origin Guatemala
– Notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, cranberry and red plum
– Pure origin

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5 – Café Mokxa Cocarive Honey

Roasted in France, this coffee scores 85/100 on the speciality coffee scale.  To guarantee freshness, each pack is marked with the date when it was roasted. It is a sweet and balanced coffee with notes of cocoa, almonds and hazelnuts.

Available now

Coffee beans – Cocarive Honey – Café Mokxa (250g)

Notes of Cocoa, Almond & Hazelnut
– Medium Roast
– Rich & sweet and citrus aroma

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Of course, there are plenty of other coffees and flavours just waiting for you out there. But in any case, I hope I’ve whetted your appetite to go out and try some new coffee! Mine is a varied selection designed for all types of coffee machines. If you’re looking for coffees suited to a particular extraction method, please feel free to leave us your requests in the comments section below.