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How to make coffee with a vacuum coffee maker

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Are you intrigued by the idea of making your own coffee using a vacuum coffee maker but never dared to try it? Look no further! Making coffee with a vacuum coffee maker is truly one of those moments when you instantly feel like a barista. Vacuum coffee makers are one of the oldest—and still popular—ways of making delicious coffee at home. Not only do they bring out all the complex notes in your favorite beans, but creating this type of brew is also a special and unique experience each time you use it! Whether you’re looking for an exciting way to shake up your morning routine or just want to indulge yourself with something truly exceptional, learning how to make coffee with a vacuum brewer will definitely hit the spot.

What is a vacuum coffee maker?

Vacuum coffee makers, also known as Siphon/Syphon coffee makers, have made a strong comeback in recent years. This gentle extraction method is a trendy and tasty alternative to other, better-known options. Currently considered to be the hipster’s brewing method of choice, vacuum coffee makers are back in fashion!

This original style of cafetière has two round glass chambers, positioned one above the other and separated by a filter. The filter is housed in a tube, upon which the upper chamber – sometimes called the ‘tulip’ bowl – sits.

As the name suggests, vacuum coffee makers operate as syphons, working on the principle of varying pressure. Water is poured into the lower chamber, with the coffee placed above it. Next, the lower chamber is heated on top of a burner. The evaporation of the heated water creates excessive pressure (an expansion of the air) in the lower chamber. It forces the water up through the tube connecting the two vessels.

It is at this point that the heat is removed, in order to reduce the pressure to its original level. The water, by now infused with the coffee, flows back down into the lower chamber.



Insert the filter and attach it to your coffee maker.


Rinse the filter with hot water.


Fill the lower chamber up to ¾ full with water (either hot or cold, as you prefer).


Grind 15g of coffee (medium grind size) and pour it into the tulip bowl.


Light the burner.


After a few minutes, the water will have risen into the upper chamber. Reduce the flame on your burner and stir the mixture.


Wait for around 40 seconds, then stir again.


Turn off the heater. The coffee will flow back down into the lower chamber.


You’re good to go!

It is clear that making coffee with a vacuum coffee maker might sound tricky, however it is pretty easy and straightforward. We hope this tutorial has provided you with all the details and information needed to make delicious cup of aromatic coffee using a vacuum coffee brewer. Follow these instructions and you’ll be brewing up a delightful treat in no time. Now that you know how to make coffee with a vacuum coffee maker, why not create your own delicious cup of home-brewed coffee ?

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