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There are many different types of ground coffee out there. But which is the best for espresso, filter or decaffeinated coffee? We’ve rounded up our top 5 best ground coffees to help you find the right one for your taste buds and routine.

Why trust our opinion?

MaxiCoffee’s mission is to share knowledge and reveal the secrets of coffee for our community. Every day, our 1,500 experts share their passion and knowledge to help you find the coffee, method or service that’s right for you. For this buying guide, Eva, one of our experts, has selected the best ground coffees from our tests carried out at MaxiCoffee. Because at MaxiCoffee, we test everything we sell. A number of criteria were considered when making our selection: the coffee experience, in-cup quality, and customer ratings.


Cafés Lugat Ground Coffee for French Press – Dark’n Sweet (250g)

This Arabica blend is ideal for espresso due to its medium roast, giving it a generous body, powerful aromas and a round cup. Its notes of black tea, cocoa, and praline are perfectly balanced, delivering a fresh attack and sweeter finish. For French press.

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Café en grains Dark n Sweet

Coffee beans – Dark’n Sweet – Cafés Lugat (250 g)

– Notes: chocolate, almond, chocolate spread
– Origin: Nicaragua, Guatemala
– Packaging: 250g pack

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Cafés Lugat Ground Coffee for French Press – Moka Sidamo Marabou (250g)

One of the best-known Moka coffees from Ethiopia, this speciality coffee offers citrus notes, predominantly lemon. Its light roast provides optimum acidity and a pleasant aftertaste. For French press.

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cafés lugat ground coffee moka sidamo marabou 250g

Ground coffee – Moka Sidamo Marabou – Cafés Lugat (250g)

– Notes of citrus
– 100% Arabica
– 250 g package

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Illy Classico Ground Coffee (drip filter coffee) – 250g tin

A famous roast from Illy, this blend of Arabica delivers a balanced, smooth coffee. With notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine, it is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth and velvety taste. For filter coffee.

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ground coffee illy classico filter coffee

Ground coffee – Classico – Illy (250g)

– Mild and balanced
– 100% Arabica
– Tin : 250 g

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Café Michel Organic Ground Coffee – Ethiopia Decaf (250g)

This Moka Sidamo from Ethiopia offers a subtle coffee with a hint of acidity mixed with floral notes of jasmine. No solvents were used to make this decaf that is both Organic & certified as fairtrade.

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Ground coffee moka ethiopie décaffeinated café michel 250g

Ground coffee – Moka Ethiopia decaffeinated – Café Michel (250g)

– Fruity and floral notes
– 100% Arabica organic
– 250 g

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Destination Organic Ground Coffee – Mexico (250g)

An organic 100% Arabica, you’ll delight in its notes of cedarwood and cinnamon. This coffee comes from the Chiapas Highlands region in Mexico known for producing some of the best coffees. For a balanced coffee full of flavours.

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ground coffee mexico destination 250g

Ground coffee – Mexico – Destination (250g)

– Cedar and cinnamon notes
– 100% Arabica organic
– 250g

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There are a few things to consider when choosing your ground coffee. First, what type do you prefer? Are you looking for a rich and sweet, Italian, or French-style coffee?

Next, what appliance do you have? Do you have a manual espresso machine, a French press or a drip coffee maker? You’ll need to choose your ground coffee with the type of brewer in mind. 

If you’re already a coffee lover, you probably know what you like already whether strong, and very intense or something milder and lighter. Be sure to read the descriptions of our selections to find the perfect coffee for you. 

best ground coffee

You’ll also need to consider the budget. As you’d expect, prices can vary wildly. 

Last but not least, it’s worth considering how often you drink coffee. This will help you choose the type of packaging. An airtight container will keep your coffee fresh for longer if you don’t drink it very often, while a bag of coffee is perfect if you’re a big coffee drinker.

Pros of ground coffee


Easy to prepare: a delicious coffee in minutes

With ground coffee, there are just 4 steps to enjoy: you buy the coffee that’s best suited to your needs, you use only as much as you need, you brew it and then enjoy its accessible flavours.


Less equipment

When you buy ground coffee, the good thing is that you select the grind to suit your machine. This way, you already have the ideal grind, and you don’t need to adjust the coffee grind based on the extraction method, saving on additional costs, such as that of equipment, filter paper, etc.


Coffee grounds are suitable for a variety of brewing methods (espresso machine, moka pot, filter coffee maker)

Some brands, such as Cafés Lugat, offer grinds adapted to your coffee machine. Whether it’s a moka pot, a filter coffee maker or a manual espresso machine, you can always be sure you’ve bought the right ready-to-use grind for the extraction method you’re using.

Cons of ground coffee


The aromas are not as good as those of freshly ground coffee

As you’d imagine, ground coffee has the advantage of having already been ground in advance. But this is also a disadvantage at the same time. It will have less aromatic richness than a coffee ground right before use, as is the case with coffee beans.


More difficult to preserve

From the moment it is ground, coffee releases CO2 and loses its aromatic oils. Light, extreme temperatures and humidity are all detrimental. That’s why a container is a must have for optimal shelf life.


For some extraction methods, the grind size of the coffee will vary

You need to carefully consider the grind size you need for your coffee machine, otherwise you may end up with a less than adequate coffee. So you’ll have to choose between flour, table salt, caster sugar, etc., size grinds.

Organic, Italian, decaffeinated or flavoured ground coffee… Ground coffee is easy to prepare and requires very little equipment. So, which of these coffees is right for you? Which makes your mouth water the most? Find a wider selection of ground coffees on our website!

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