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How to Choose the Roast Colour of Your Coffee

The colour of your roast is essential when it comes to shaping the flavour profile of your brew. Yet, understanding the vast range of roast colours can feel like embarking on a daunting odyssey, especially for those new to understanding the world of coffee beans. Here at MaxiCoffee, we shall try to demystify the intricacies of roast levels and make you select the perfect coffee companion, tailored to your preferences. Let’s begin this enlightening expedition together as we unravel the distinctions between these roast variations.

First and foremost, what is Roasting?

Roasting coffee beans is a key step in turning raw green beans into the delicious dark brown coffee beans we love. This process brings out the tasty flavours and smells hidden within the beans, making them enjoyable to drink. While green beans don’t have the familiar coffee taste yet, they’re like a blank canvas that roasting transforms into something special. When the beans are heated quickly at high temperatures, they undergo chemical changes that create the classic coffee smell we all know. Once the aroma has been found, they’re cooled down fast to stop the roasting process and retain their new flavours. The roasted beans become crispy, which means that they’re ready to be ground and brewed. But it’s important to use them soon to enjoy their freshness before the flavours start to fade.

MaxiCoffee’s Insider Info About Coffee Roasting:

In the world of coffee roasting, the colour of the roast impacts the flavour of the brew. Darker roasts have a richer taste, moving away from sharpness towards a strong bitterness and fuller body. These flavours develop because of the high heat during roasting, creating a unique and bold coffee experience. In light roasts, acidity is highlighted, giving the coffee a lively, bubbly taste. You’ll notice floral and fruity flavours that dance gently on your tongue, celebrating both the roaster’s skill and the natural goodness of the beans.

coffee beans

Exploring the Impact of Roasting

During roasting, coffee beans undergo significant changes that affect their taste and aroma. This transformation occurs through controlled application of heat and duration, triggering chemical reactions that influence acidity, sweetness, and body. The end result is a flavourful brew rich in sensory experiences.

The Magic of Roast Colours


Light Roast Coffee:

 Lightly roasted coffee typically reaches an internal temperature between 350º to 400º Fahrenheit. At this stage, the beans experience what’s known as “first crack,” where the vapours inside the beans break through their outer layer, producing a distinct cracking sound. This auditory cue signifies that the beans have reached a light roast level.


Medium Roast Coffee:

Stepping into the realm of medium roasts, we encounter a harmonious combination of sweetness, body, and mild acidity. These beans are roasted to a balanced point where their natural sugars caramelize, adding depth and complexity to the cup. As you indulge in a medium roast, you’ll be greeted by notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and nuts, smoothly intertwined with a subtle acidity that provides a gentle, lingering finish. It’s a delightful fusion of flavours that promises to satisfy even the most discerning palate.


Dark Roast Coffee: 

Venturing into the realm of strong roasts, we enter a world of bold, robust flavours that captivate the senses. Dark roasts are roasted until the beans reach the brink of caramelization, resulting in a deep, rich brew with pronounced bitterness and smoky undertones. Here, the acidity of the beans takes a backseat, highlighting the intensity of the roast. With each sip of a dark roast coffee, you’ll be greeted by a strong symphony of flavors, reminiscent of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and charred wood, enveloping your palate in a warm, comforting embrace.

Choosing Your Perfect Roast

Selecting the right roast is about discovering but also being guided by personal taste preferences, not to mention, brewing methods. Whether you prefer a bright and acidic brew or a bold and intense cup, there’s a roast colour for every palate.

beans roast

Finding Your Match

Understand the complexities of your palate and contemplate the flavours that enthrall your senses. Do you crave the bright, fruity notes reminiscent of sun-kissed delights, or do you find yourself captivated by the indulgent richness of chocolate undertones? Embrace your preferences and allow them to guide you toward the roast that best resonates with your unique taste profile.

Brewing Method

Uncover the fascinating interplay between roast and brew, where each method unlocks a spectrum of flavours waiting to be explored. Whether you enjoy the delicate finesse of a pour-over or the bold intensity of an espresso shot, there’s a roast waiting to enhance your brewing experience.


When it comes to coffee, every cup offers an opportunity for discovery and enjoyment. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just embarking on your coffee journey, there’s always something new to learn and experience.

Indeed, not all coffees are created equal in the roasting chamber; factors such as bean variety, aromatic composition, and terroir wield significant influence over the final brew. With this in mind, how does one understand the vast array of roast options to find their perfect match?

The answer lies within your own palate, so tune in to your preferences, aspirations, and favoured flavour profiles. Take the time to explore the diverse offerings, allowing your taste buds to guide you on a sensory expedition through the world of coffee. Experiment with various roast colours, extraction methods, and brewing techniques, embracing each cup as an opportunity to deepen your understanding and refine your palate.

Ultimately, the journey to discovering your ideal roast is a personal one, shaped by your unique tastes and experiences. So, embark on this odyssey with an open mind and a curious spirit, and let each sip lead you closer to the perfect cup of coffee tailored precisely to your discerning palate.

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