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Italian coffee beans

Best coffee beans of 2024

The search for the best coffee beans is a daunting task. Between the varieties of coffee, the different origins, the different treatments, the roasting colours, the types of drink… There are a lot of coffee beans out there!  To help you find the coffee that suits your tastes, we’ve put together a selection of the 10 best coffee beans, each special in their own way.

Which coffee bean to choose?

Loïs – Coffee expert at MaxiCoffee

When it comes to choosing the best coffee bean for you, navigating through the countless coffee options and varieties can seem like a challenge.

To do this, first consider your preferred brewing method, where the roast colour r can be a useful first indicator. Then explore the different aromatic families to find out which you like best.

Other criteria also deserve your attention. Do you prefer Arabica or Robusta coffee, or perhaps a blend of the two? Purists will opt for pure-origin coffees, while blends offer a harmonious balance of flavours.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the freshness of the roast, as it has a considerable influence on the coffee’s aromatic profile. A fresh roast guarantees an explosion of flavours in the cup, revealing the unique history of each bean.

If you enjoy a full-bodied, gourmet espresso, choose coffees with a medium to medium+ roast and a nice sweetness. For lovers of milky drinks, darker roasts with spicy notes are ideal for balancing out the bitterness.

On the other hand, if you prefer lively, tangy filter coffees, opt for light roasts with yellow fruit aromas, or even explore the floral family for an even bolder experience.

If you’d like to find out more, we’ll give you the essential criteria for choosing your bean-to-cup coffee below.

The best coffee beans from very light to light roast

These 3 very light to light roast coffees, which we have selected from our comparison of the best 2024 coffee beans, are particularly suitable for filter and pour-over use

If you want more choice, you can also discover the rest of our selections.

MaxiCoffee’s insider info about the coffee world

At MaxiCoffee, all our coffees are analysed by our roasting laboratory to give you a factual 10-point colourimetry scale. It helps you find your way through the multitude of coffees, from very light roasts (1) to very dark roasts (10).

coffee beans roast

Our coffee beans selection

Cafés Lugat El Maya  

With its light, French roast, Guatemala El Maya coffee beans from Cafés Lugat offer a unique filter coffee experience. 

This top-quality Label coffee reveals its mild, spicy character, enhanced by fresh hints of hazelnut. Its round body gradually reveals notes of milk chocolate, making for a harmonious, well-balanced cup. 

Available now
el maya lugat

Coffee beans – El Maya – Cafés Lugat (250 g)

– Notes: milk chocolate and fresh hazelnut
– Roasted in France
– Packaging: 250g pack

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Cafés Lugat Moka Sidamo Marabou

Moka Sidamo Marabou coffee beans from Cafés Lugat, one of Ethiopia’s best-known mocha coffees, is a real invitation to a flavourful journey.

 This light-roast coffee, roasted in France, has an aromatic, floral character with a hint of acidity. With its full body and citrus nuances, you’ll discover a coffee with delicious sweetness and a cup result of exceptional quality.

Available now
moka sidamo marabou lugat

Coffee beans – Moka Sidamo Marabou – Cafés Lugat (250 g)

– Notes: citrus
– 100% Arabica
– Packaging: 250g pack

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The Barn Ethiopia Mohamed Ali 

The Barn’s Mohamed Ali coffee beans come from the Mohamed Ali Estate, grown at high altitude in the Jimma region.

This coffee, which grows in the shade of a virgin forest, offers rich aromas of ripe strawberries, chocolate and peach blossom. Appreciated for its intensity and subtle balance, it seduces connoisseurs with its deep flavours, without being overly acidic.

Available now
the barn ethiopia

Coffee beans – Mohamed Ali Ethiopia -The Barn (250 g)

– 100% Arabica
– Notes : Citrus and Rich & Sweet
– Packaging : 250g pack

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The best coffee beans from medium to medium + roast

These 3 medium to medium + roast coffees, which we have selected from our comparison of the best 2024 coffee beans, are suitable for several types of extraction: lighter for espresso made with a coffee machine, they are also suitable for other uses, coffee makers or gentle extraction methods.

If you want more choice, you can also discover the rest of our selections.

Green Lion Coffee Organic Sirga Blend

Green Lion Coffee’s Sirga Blend is an Arabica bean coffee with a number of advantages, including its organic cultivation. 

This blend, which is one of the best 1 kg beans, offers an aromatic intensity balanced between rich and woody notes. Roasted in France, it seduces with its cocoa and caramel aromas, for a diversified caffeine experience, particularly in doppio. 

Available now
Café en grain - Le mélange Sirga - Green Lion Coffee 1kg

Coffee beans – Sirga Blend – Green Lion Coffee (1kg)

– Notes: caramel, toast
– Origins: blend
– Packaging: 1 kg pack

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Cafés Lugat Italian Blend

The Italian Blend from Cafés Lugat offers a quality caffeinated experience thanks to the harmonious blend of Arabica and Robusta. 

This coffee reveals a powerful body, a liquorish texture and lingering woody notes on the palate. With a medium+ roast, it fully reveals its aromas to create a perfect balance, ideal for demanding espresso lovers. 

Available now
Blend italien

Coffee beans – Italian blend – Cafés Lugat (250 g)

– Notes : woody, spicy
– Origins: blend
– Packaging: 250g pack

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Zicaffè Linea Espresso  

Zicaffè Linea Espresso coffee beans are the very essence of Italian coffee. 

This balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta offers a rich, harmonious cup experience. Its clean attack reveals a beautiful crema, but above all reveals floral and spicy notes, with a subtle dark chocolate finish. 

Available now
zicaffé linea espresso

Coffee beans – Linea Espresso -Zicaffè (250 g)

– Arabica and Robusta blend
– Notes of chocolate, orange bloosom water and spicy
– Packaging : 250g pack

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The best coffee beans from dark to very dark roast

These 3 dark to very dark roast coffees, which we have selected from our comparison of the best 2024 coffee beans, are particularly suitable for espressos and ristrettos. 

If you want more choice, you can also discover the rest of our selections.

Green Lion Coffee Monte Verde 

Green Lion Coffee’s Monte Verde organic coffee bean is an exceptional coffee grown in the Monte Verde region of Brazil, South America.

One of the best 1kg beans, this delicately flavoured coffee offers a subtle, balanced taste experience, with notes of cocoa and spices. This 100% Arabica blend is also appreciated for its smooth, lingering finish.

Available now
Café en grain - Green Lion - Monte Verde

Coffee beans – Monte Verde – Green Lion Coffee (1kg)

– 100% Arabica blend
– Rich & sweet and spices aromas
– Notes of cocoa

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Perléo Espresso Prestigio

Perléo Espresso’s Prestigio coffee bean is an exceptional 100% Arabica coffee roasted “Italian style”. 

This blend, one of the best 1 kg beans, offers a concentrate of intense aromas, with woody and rich notes, chocolate, roasted hazelnut and a powerful beechwood mouthfeel.

Available now
perleo prestigio

Coffee beans – Prestigio – Perléo (250g)

– 100% Arabica
– Notes of cocoa, beech wood and roasted hazelnut
– Packaging: 250g

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Delta Cafés Organic

This Arabica and Robusta blend from South America and Africa offers a balanced coffee in cup. 

Roasted in Portugal, the rich & sweet and floral notes will give you a mouthfeel taste of caramel, white flower and roasted hazelnut. 

Available now
delta café bio

Coffee beans – Organic – Delta (1kg)

– Origins: Arabica and Robusta blend
– Notes: Caramel, white flower, roasted hazelnut
– Packaging: 1kg pack

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Why choose coffee beans?

Choosing a coffee bean offers lots of advantages.

Firstly, the aromatic freshness is incomparable. Coffee loses its aromas very quickly once grounded. Coffee beans therefore retain their aromatic profile better, preserving all their richness of flavour.

Whether you have a manual espresso machine and a coffee grinder or a coffee bean machine, with coffee beans you can grind your coffee at the last minute

Opting for coffee beans also offers a wide range of choices, from complex blends to pure-origin coffees, so everyone can find the perfect coffee. 

Finally, it’s often said that coffee beans are cheaper than capsules, for example. This saving can be significant in the long term, while offering a superior quality coffee.

What are the main criteria for choosing the best coffee beans?

coffee bean

Roasting intensity (also called “roast colour”)

Green coffee must be cooked before it can be consumed: this phase is called “roasting“. The intensity of roasting corresponds to the degree to which the coffee is cooked. The more it is cooked, the higher the roasting intensity. 

This roasting intensity plays a crucial role in the coffee’s aromatic profile.

So, on our website, choose your coffee according to the roast colour that matches your preferences, using our “roasting colour” filter to refine your search.

aromatic family

The aromatic family

The aromatic family corresponds to the aromas naturally present in coffee. It offers a wide variety of distinct flavours

At MaxiCoffee, you’ll find 8 aromatic families: rich and sweet, fruity (red and yellow fruit), floral, woody, spicy, herbaceous and fermented. On our site, our “primary aromatic family” filter will help you find the coffee perfectly suited to your tastes.

beans pack

Freshly roasted

Opt for freshly roasted coffee beans by checking the roast date on the packet. This will preserve the flavour profile of your beans. In addition, consume your coffee between two weeks and two months after roasting.

On our website, you’ll find a selection of coffees roasted at MaxiCoffee, guaranteeing optimum freshness.


Other factors

To help you make your choice, there are other factors to consider, such as the species/variety (Arabica vs Robusta), the type of coffee (pure origin or blend) and the processing method

If you prefer a full-bodied coffee, for example, you can opt for blends of Arabica and Robusta, but if you like expressive, well-balanced coffees, choose a 100% Arabica. 

Use our search filters to refine your criteria and find the coffee bean that meets all your expectations.

Why should you trust us?

Our pool of experts

MaxiCoffee’s mission is to share its knowledge to reveal the secrets of coffee to its community. Every day, our 1500 experts share their passion and knowledge to help you find the coffee, method or service that’s right for you.

Our testing protocol

To produce this buying guide, Loïs, Héloïse, Anne-Sophie and Eva, four of our experts, have selected their best 2024 coffee beans from the tests carried out at MaxiCoffee. Because at MaxiCoffee, we test everything we sell.


Numerous criteria were used to make this selection: the coffee experience, how it tastes in the cup, and consumer ratings. Our experts have also chosen coffees suitable for all consumers and all roasting intensities, while covering different aromatic profiles.

Choosing the best coffee beans in 2024 is essential for incomparable coffee enjoyment. Browse our list of coffees, classified by roasting intensity, and let our advice guide you, whether you prefer a full-bodied espresso or an aromatic filter coffee. 

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